Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe it's the best thing for you

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/30/2010: Spotlights on Jim McCarty (appeared on CIUT's own Take 5 program this week and at Hugh's Room last night), Johnny Maestro (R.I.P.), and various other maestri.

*The Polymorphines--Wicked Woman
Surf Detergent ad
*The Laundronauts--Shut Your Lint Trap
*Ralph--Billy Fury
Billy Fury--Turn My Back
*The Boojies--Maddy

Yardbirds Great Shakes ad
The Yardbirds--Rack My Mind
*The Demics--Lost Woman Blues
*Lost Patrol--Mr. You’re A Better Man Than I
The Detroit Cobras--Putty In Your Hands
The Canary Sect--Stroll On
The Human Beinz--Evil Hearted You
*The Boy From Nowhere--Heart Full of Soul

The Plimsouls--A Million Miles Away (live)
The Nerves—When You Find Out (live)
The Bongos--Nuts and Bolts
James Mastro--Angel In My Pocket
Brooklyn Bridge H.I.S. ad
The Crests—Pretty Little Angel
Brooklyn Bridge Coke ad
Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge—Inside Out, Upside Down
? & the Mysterians—Smokes (live)

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Anonymous said...

i gotta say the whole laundary mat gimmick isstupid. what next toilet bowl rock. or used toilet paper ?