Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trousers big as houses

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/25/2010: Mostly new arrivals.

*The Pointed Sticks—She’s Not Alone Anymore

Groovy Uncle—Monkey Trousers
The Lykes of Yew—Mr. Wednesday
The Internationale—Pornographic Addicted Assisted Suicide
Paul Messis—Lost and Found
The Hidden Masters—Nobody Knows that We’re Here
The Higher State—Song of the Autumn
The Embrooks – Keep It Quiet

*Mark Sultan—I’ll Be Loving You
*Eugene Ripper—Go Van Gogh
*Mississippi Grover—I’m Buried Alive
*Catl—Cocaine Blues
*Double Fuzz—Don’t Want to Be Bad No More
*Christian D & the Hangovers—Mr. Handsome

The Trouble Makers—Missy
The Branded--Girl in Black
The Omens--Look Away
The Revellions--Ain't No Fool
Johnny Chan & The New Dynasty Six--Hook Line and Sinker
The Crushers--Once Upon A Time

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buzz on

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/18/2010: Featuring the Buzzcocks (who were at the Opera House on 5/19), more vintage U.K. pop-punk, and a touch of Montreal madness for Rocky's fave team, the Habs.

Buzzcocks--Real World
Buzzcocks--Get On Our Own
Buzzcocks--Fiction Romance
Buzzcocks--Love Battery
Buzzcocks--Love Is Lies
Buzzcocks--Sixteen Again

Seventeen--Don’t Let Go
The Boys—Tumble With Me
The Only Ones—City of Fun
The Undertones—Really Really
The Records—Coke ad + If I Write Your Number in My Book
The Skids--Into the Valley

Lena Horne Schaefer ad
*The Gruesomes--Buzz Off
*The Chains--Soulin'
*Les Breastfeeders--Tu n’es pas mon chien
*The Asexuals--Language Of Men
*King Khan and BBQ--Waddlin’ Around
Norton Station ID
*Bloodshot Bill--I Saw the Light
*Huevos Rancheros--Gump Worsley’s Lament

Pssst...I did a guest blog post on old NYC rock & roll venues for Wolfgang's Vault!

Friday, May 14, 2010

LSD made a wreck of me

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/11/2010: Bad tripping, inspired by Journey in Time.

*Les Sexareenos--Journey To Tyme
Kenny & the Kasuals--Chimes ON 42nd Street
The Fleshtones--Screamin’ Skull

*Les Sinners--LSD Ha Ha Ha
The Wailers--Bad Trip
The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2--I Wanna Come Back From The World of LSD
*Quiet Jungle--Ship of Dreams
Steve Akin--I’m Trippin’ Alone
The Fuzztones--Hallucination Generation
Rudi Protrudi--LSD Made A Wreck Of Me
*Stu Mitchell--ACID

The Shag--Stop & Listen
Perpetual Motion Workshop--Won't Come Down
The Bumps--Please Come Down
Love--Signed D.C.
*The Centaurs--Kicks
Section Five--Pusher's Route
*The Sparrow--The Pusher
*The Guess Who--Hang On To Your Life

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't barge on ahead like a baby elephant

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/4/2010: Spotlight on some tuff chick vocalists.

The Tough and Lovely--Tough and Lovely
Shangri-La's Dating Courtesy PSA
Mary Weiss—Stop & Think It Over
The Shangri-La’s—Hate to Say I Told You So
The Pleasure Seekers--What A Way To Die
The Love Me Nots--You Don’t Know A Thing
The Detroit Cobras—Hey Sailor (Sah-lo-ney)
The Pandoras—Anyone But You
The Muffs—New Love
The Sirens--Destroy That Boy
Lynn Redgrave—While I'm Still Young [R.I.P. Lynn]

She-Devils on Wheels dialogue
*The Evaporators--Maneaters
*MAOW--Man What’s Got a Gun
*The (Modern) Superstitions—Of Sound Mind
*Les Breastfeeders—Pas Sans Saveur
*Les Sequelles—Je suis comme je suis

The Undertones--(She’s a) Runaround
The Mullens--She’s Got Charity
*The Fuzztones--1-2-5
*The Fiends--Romilar D
Freddy & the Four-Gone Conclusions--Come On over To My Side
Les Sequelles--Un scotch S.V.P.