Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hispanic Panic

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/27/2008: Latino Rock & Roll

Miguel Angel & Los Sharps—Gloria
*Los Grimm--Viaje en le Alfombra Magica [Magic Carpet Ride]
Los Drags--Necisito Alguien [I Need Somebody]
Wau y Los Arrrghs!--Girl, Coge Mi Cosa [Girl, You Captivate Me]
Los Bravos Coke ad
*Jenny Rock—Noir c’est noir ["Black is Black" en francais]
* Les Sultans—Cielito Lindo
Los Yorks--El Loco
* Huevos Rancheros –El Toro Muerto con Queso

The Addrisi Brothers—Un Jarro
Los Profetas--A Donde Iras
Los Saicos--Intensemente
Dr. Explosion—La Chatunga
*Los Mel-Tones--Vista Del Mar

Los Potros--Close Your Eyes
Los Shakers—It’s Not Bad
Los Shains—Shain’s a Go Go
Los Huracanes—Algo Por Nada
* King Khan & His Shrines—Que Lindo Sueno
Jesse & James--Change
* Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet—Siesta Cinema
Los Shains--En Lima

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewelry...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/20/2008: Royal Flush

*The Upper Crust--(We're The) Upper Crust
Budweiser ad
The Royal Pendletons--Get Off Your High Horse
The Sex Pistols—God Save the Queen (Demo)
Prince Noodles ad
The Rich Kids—Ghosts of Princes in Towers
Thom McAn "Duchess Shoes" ad
Herman’s Hermits--Ace, King, Queen, Jack
Them—Walking in the Queen’s Garden
Chad & Jeremy "Of Cabbages and Kings" ad
The Royal Purple—Get Away
The Hollies—King Midas in Reverse

Thee Headcoat Sect--I’m A King Bee
King Bees Dance announcement
*The King Bees--Little Girl
*The King-Beez--Now
*The Royal Family--Solitude
*Peter Kelch & The Pharoahs--Silly Girl
*The Kings--Switchin’ to Glide

Nat King Cole Rheingold ad
Pandora - King Queen
King Louie's Court--King Louie's Glue
Manfred Mann—I'm a Kingpin
*King Khan and His Shrines—King of the Jungle

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/13/2008: "Saturday Morning" Special

The Dickies—Gigantor

Andy & the Classics—Yabadabado
*The Von Zippers--Flintstone Shrink
Boris the Sprinkler--Road Runner
*The Gruesomes--My Broken Heart Will Never Mend (Unless You Come Back with the Glue)
Joyride Slinky ad
The Violent Femmes—Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
Don Covay—Popeye Waddle
The Mixtures—Olive Oyl
*Huevos Rancheros—64 Slices of American Cheeze

Raiders "Swingy Doll" ad
The Archies—Bang Shang-a-lang
*Les Chantels—Shaggy Baggy Joe
*The BNA Act--Joe Cool
Monkees Kool Aid ad
Little Eva—Makin’ With the Magilla
Monkees Kool Aid ad
The Banana Splits (Barry White)--Doin’ The Banana Split
The Surf Trio--Banana Splits Theme
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – Babakganoosh [with Rocky & Bullwinkle soundbites.]

Hatebombs Action Figure ad from Fuzzfest '97 45
*The Leather Uppers--Super Car
The Clique--I Am Superman
The Individuals—Jungle Superman
*Les Hou-Lops--Batman
The Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog—Batman Rides Again
The Traits--Nobody Loves The Hulk
The Ramones--Spiderman [Ran outta time for Sabbath's Iron Man!]

If you happen to be up THIS Saturday morning (May 17), we'll be doing a 3-hour fill-in from 6 to 9 a.m. Eastern on CIUT.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To fathom hell or soar angelic

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/6/2008: Thanks for the Acids--R.I.P. Albert Hofmann

Baker Knight & the Knightmares--Hallucination
The Electric Prunes--I Had Too Much To Dream
Psychedelic Circus ad
*The Demics--Get Me To The World On Time
Carnation Instant Breakfast ad
Super Band—Acid Indigestion
Trips Festival ad
Godfrey--The Trip
The Trip ad
Donovan--The Trip
Dragnet Anti-LSD PSA with Harry Morgan and Jack Webb
The Smoke--My Friend Jack (alt. take)
Animals concert announcement
Eric Burdon & the Animals--A Girl Called Sandoz

Nardwuar vs. Timothy Leary
*The British Modbeats--LSD
Ravi Shankar anti-drug PSA
*Quiet Jungle--Ship of Dreams
It's Camp club ad
*The Orange Alabaster Mushroom--Space and Time
Search It Out ad
*The Ugly Ducklings—Postman’s Fancy
*Les Sinners—Candid Colour Countdown

News flash--Hippie mother kills baby on LSD
The Lunachicks--Babysitters On Acid
News flash--Aircraft worker crashes on LSD
The Creatures of the Golden Dawn—Acid Test
*Stu Mitchell--ACID
Mad Violets--(I Want to Come Back) From The World of LSD
Wendell Austin--LSD Made A Wreck Of Me

The Windmills of Your Mind

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/20/2007: Dutch Treat

The Zipps—Kicks and Chicks
The Q-65—I Despise You [listed as "despice" on our record!]
*The Gruesomes--Cry In The Night
*The Gruesomes--Won’t You Listen
The Outsiders—That’s Your Problem
Lyres w/Wally Tax--Touch

The Motions--Who’ll Save My Soul
Cuby & the Blizzards--Your Body But Not Your Soul
The Shocking Blue--Long And Lonesome Road
The Golden Earrings—Chunk of Steel
Johnny Kendall & the Heralds--Girl
Klungels—Dat had ik nog nooit gedaan
The Sandy Coast—Subject of My Thoughts
The Waistcoats--She Just Satisfies

*The Kliek--It’s My Pride
*The Kliek--Clock On The Wall
Kek 66--Once Before
*The One Two Five--1-2-5
*The Haunted—Twist
*Jenny Rock--Mal

We had it covered

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/27/2007: Who's Under the Covers?

Programmed in partnership with our sister show, Pass the Dynamite--we played the covers, they played the originals.

*Lexington Avenue--Farmer John
*Jenny Rock—Dansez ["Shake a Tail Feather" en francais.]
*The Purple Toads--Nobody But Me
*The Midways--The Dishrag
The Woggles--My Baby Likes to Boogaloo
*The Gruesomes--Leave My Kitten Alone
*The Ugly Ducklings--I Can Tell
*The Smugglers--Up and Down
*The 5 D--Get Out of My Life Woman

MC5--Ramblin' Rose
The Action--Hey Sah-Lo-Nay
The Swingin' Neckbreakers--Thinkin' Man's Girl
Mary Weiss-- Certain Guy
The Beatles--Bad Boy
The Real Kids--I'd Rather Go To Jail
The Downliners Sect--One Ugly Child
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages--Mama Get The Hammer

The Kaisers--I Wanna Be Your Driver
Lyres—Gettin' Plenty Lovin'
The Remains--Diddy Wah Diddy
The A-Bones--Take Up The Slack Daddy-o
The New York Dolls--Stranded In The Jungle
The Rationals--Leavin' Here
The Jackasses--Sugaree

Playlist for 12/20/2007 (archives not available), including a mini-tribute to Crypt Records:

Can-con set:
*The Barracudas—The Best Years
*The Glads--My Baby's Got It
*Johnny Nocash--City Haze
*The Sadies—Song of the Chief Musician
*Ray Condo--Jumps, Giggles and Shouts
Gene Vincent—Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back

Glammy set:
*Ambrose Slade--Born To Be Wild
Slade—Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Jimmy Jukebox—Motor Boat
Bilbo Baggins—Saturday Night
T. Rex—Solid Gold Easy Action
*My Shakey Jane--Seventeen

Crypt Sampler Set:
The Raunch Hands—Naked Naked Naked
The Genteels—Take It Off
The Valiants—Don't Wanna Leave the Congo
The Tamrons—Wild Man
The Syndicate--Egyptian Thing
The Us Four—The Alligator
Roy Gaines—Skippy is a Sissy
Roscoe and Friends—Broadway Sissy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who was that man, I'd like to shake his hand...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/11/2007: Bomp Tribute Pt. 1
Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/18/2007: Bomp Tribute Pt. 2

Couldn't help but celebrate the release of the book.

Part 1

The Romantics--First In Line
The Flamin’ Groovies--You Tore Me Down
The Breakaways--One Way Ticket
The Plimsouls--Million Miles Away
*The Pointed Sticks--Apoligies
The Mystery Machine--She’s Not Mine
*b-Girls--Fun At The Beach

The United States Of Existence--Return To The Psychedelic
The Things--Can’t Get Enough
The Vertebrats--Left In The Dark
The Slickee Boys--Glendora/Going All The Way
The Miracle Workers--Already Gone
The Stooges--I Got A Right
DMZ--Intro/The First Time

*Les Sinners--Nice Try
*The Good Feeling--Tale Of A Man
*Les Lutins--Laissez-nous Vivre
*The Shondels--Every Day, Every Night
*The Haunted--Shake

Part 2
Stiv Bators--L.A. L.A.
Wombats--Utter Frustration
Nikki & the Corvettes—He’s a Mover
The Weirdos--Life Of Crime
The Zeros--Beat Your Heart Out
*The Barracudas--Somewhere Outside
The Poppees--Jealousy

The Pete Best Four--The Way I Feel About You
*The Quid—Wrong Line
*The Free For All--Show Me The Way
*It’s All Meat--Feel It
Teddy & His Patches--Suzy Creamcheese

The Embrooks--Not A Priority
The Vipers--Nothing's From Today
*The Tell-tale Hearts--Just In Case You Wonder
The Pandoras—Why
*The Milky Ways--Guillotine
*Plan 9--Frustration

Ike & Tina Turner--It’s Gonna Work Out Fine [R.I.P.--he'd died a couple days before.]


Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/25/2007: Real Yule Time.

A little Crazy Eddie "Christmas in August" of me, but I can't resist. Yes, we're such pathetic hams we even come in to do the show on major holidays! Lotsa fun Xmas ads are sprinkled throughout.

The Happy Hate Me Nots--Jesus Christ

The Tryfles--Gloria (In Excelsis Deo)
The Yobs (Boys)--Run Run Rudolph
*The Gruesomes--Santa Claus
The Finkers—Santa Came in Stripes
*Patty Surby & The Canadian V.I.P.'s--I Want A Beatle For Christmas
Capitol Studios--Shake It Up Santa
Bobby “Boris” Pickett--Monster’s Holiday
The Trashmen—Dancin’ With Santa
The Beach Boys--Little St. Nick
The Hoodoo Gurus--Little Drummer Boy

The Brood—One Winter’s Night
*The Pixies--Winterlong
*Les Breastfeeders—Et J’apprendrai que c’est l’hiver
*Shirley Field--Ski Song
*The Sadies--Snow Squad

Patsy Ray & the Beatnicks--Beatnik’s Wish
The Rockfield Chorale--Jingle Jangle
*Bloodshot Bill--Ring The Bell
The Damned—There Ain’t No Sanity Claus
The Wailers—Christmas Spirit
*Arthur le Jaguar--Shopping Centre Blues

The Ventures—Silver Bells

January Jones

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/8/2008: Themeless

Generation X--Ready, Steady, Go

The Jam--Sounds From The Street
The Boys--Brickfield Nights
The Len Price 3--With Your Love
The Bongos--Video Eyes
Radio Birdman--Burn My Eye
*The Nomads--Been Burnt
*The Buffalo Springfield--Been Burned
The Everly Brothers—Mr. Soul

Fabienne Del Sol - Loot
Mariska Veres—Is het waar ["Is It True" in Dutch
The Detroit Cobras – Puppet On A String
*Jenny Rock—Noir c’est noir ["Black is Black" en francais]

The Dictators--Stay With Me
*The Spaceshits--Backseat Boogie
*King Khan & BBQ--Fish Fight
*King Khan & His Shrines--Land of the Freak
The Mean Things--Out Come The Freaks
Wau y Los Arrrghs!— Momia Twist

Bo Diddley--Don’t Let It Go

Other January shows that somehow didn't get archived:


Flamin Groovies--Jumpin’ in the Night

Sneakers--Condition Red
The Db’s--Bad Reputation
Ad: BNG Pie Commercial
The Windbreakers--Runnin’ Out of Time
Game Theory--The Real Sheila
The Loud Family--Idiot Son
Let’s Active--Every Dog Has His Day

* Suckerpunch--One Dog’s Gonna Die
* The 905’s--Sucker Punch
* UIC--Do You Wanna Go?
* Blue Oyster Cult--Born To Be Wild
* The Prmordials--I Take What I Want
*Huevos Rancheros--Gump Worsley’s Lament

The Monks—That’s My Girl
The Five Torquays--There She Walks
Wanda Jackson—Cool Love
Gene Vincent—Woman Love
Wes Dakus & the Club 93 Rebels--El Ringo

1/14/2008 Dementia 13 fill-in

The Monks--It’s Monk Time

*The Dewline--Ode To A Cucumber, A Berry And A Flower
*Plastic Cloud--Epistle To Paradise
*Les Lutins—Je Cherche
*The Guess Who--Gonna Search
*The Plague--Searchin’
*The Haunted—Searching for My Baby

Del Shannon—Keep Searchin’
The Shakemakers—Searchin’ for Shake
Alan Pound's Get Rich—Searchin’ in the Wilderness
The Searchers—Second Hand Dealer

The Stoics--Hate
Moby Grape—Murder in My Heart for the Judge
Los Saicos--Fugitivo De Alcatraz
The Humane Society—Eternal Prison
The Lemon Fog--The Prisoner
The Gisha Brothers—Prisoner of the Beat
The Standells—Have You Ever Spent the Night in Jail

*Les Soundtrack--Ce soir c'est ma fete ["Birthday" en francais]

1/1/2008--Happy New Year Hangover (Perhaps our finest hour, or rather two hours--pity the burning computer at the station was on the fritz that day! Lotsa beer and liquor ads were woven throughout--including Ballantine, Budweiser, Hamm's, Utica Club, Cream for Falstaff, Lena Horne for Schaefer, Nat King Cole for Rheingold and Italian Swiss Colony...hiccup!)

Tony Rodelle Larson—Bear Rug
*The Machines—Soaking My Brain
*The Purple Toads—40 Pounder Blues
*The Glads—My Baby Likes to Get Smashed
Nikki Corvette & the Hell on Heels--What A Way To Die
*Teenage Head—Kissin’ the Carpet
The Diaboliks—Hangover Head
Sammy Davis Jr.--Alka Seltzer ad
*Max Webster--Hangover

Three Aces & a Joker—Booze Party
The Lushes—Drunken Guitar
Corky Jones—Rhythm & Booze
The Orangutones—Gotta Get Drunk
*Real Gone--Better When You’re Drunk
Nancy Sit--Fever

The Mortals—Atomic Cocktail
The Epics—On the Rocks
Neanderthals--Too Many Nights in a Gin Mill
*The Smugglers--Bourbon ‘92
Johnny Otis & His Orchestra—Happy New Year Baby
*Les Sequelles – Un Scotch SVP

Charles Brown—Bringin’ in a Brand New Year
*King Khan & BBQ—Waddlin’ Around
*Les Sexareenos—Wild Wild Wild
*The Secrets—Shout
*Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals —Sure is Fun
*The Primordials—I’m Gonna Have My Fun
*The Midways—The More You Take

Malcolm Yelvington—Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Bobby Fuller 4--Wine Wine Wine
The Fastbacks—Beaujoulais the Beat
The Woggles--Mad Dog 20/20
The Gories--Thunderbird ESQ
The Casual-aires—Thunderbird
Jim Backus & Friend—Delicious
Mae West--My New Year’s Resolutions
T.C. Jones--Champagne Cocktail

The Church Keys—Church Key Stomp
The A-bones—Daddy Wants a Cold Beer
Mono Men—Pisswater
Untamed Youth—Beer Belly Baby
*Huevos Rancheros--Trouble a Brewin’


Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/22/2008—TV Party

The Kursaal Flyers—Television Generation

Black Flag--TV Party
Batman station ID
*Les Hou-Lops—Batman
Batman merch at Dallas JC Penney ad
Frank Gorshin—The Riddler
ABC Fall '66 ad
Agent Orange—Get Smart
The Kags Killers—Man from Control
The Trick Babys—Baretta
Mod Squad ad
Kane Triplets—Theme from Mission Impossible
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet--Theme from TV

*Rude Norton—Gilligan’s Island
Little Roger and the Goosebumps--Stairway to Gilligan
Flying Nun ad
Butt Trumpet —Beverly Hillbillies
Untamed Youth—Hey Elly May
The Meatmen--Green Acres
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet--Bennett Cerf

The Grabbers--All In The Family
Static Cling--Brady Bunch Theme
The Lunachicks—Jan Brady
*The Diodes—Child Star
*The Smugglers--Alan Thicke
*The Dundrells--Nothin’ On TV
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet--Havin’ an Average Weekend (Kids In The Hall theme)

The Victims--Television Addict


Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/29/2008: Superbowl Party--Giants vs. Patriots

Rock Garden--Super Stuff
*The Leather Uppers--Supercar
*Supersnazz—I Don’t Love You
*The Superstitions—Sea of Red
The Green Beans—Superstition
*Huevos Rancheros--Super Creep

The Ultra Five—Streets of Your Town
*The Demics – New York City
Ad: The Db’s – New York Rocker
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers--So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star (live)
The 1910 Fruitgum Co.—May I Take A Giant Step
The Unclaimed--Village of the Giants
The Patriots--It Don’t Show

Paul Revere and the Raiders--Kicks
*Don Norman & the Other Four--The Bounce
The Thanes--The Winner
Radio Birdman--Alone In The Endzone
*The Treble-Makers--Impact Zone

The Jigsaw Seen--My Name Is Tom

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ode to a Black Man

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/5/2008: Black Rock & Roll

Ike Turner--Rocket 88

Chuck Berry--School Days
Esquerita—Rockin’ the Joint
Little Richard--Heeby-Jeebies
Larry Williams—The Dummy
* Les Hou-lops--Boney Maronie
* Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals--Justine
Richard Berry--Louie Louie

*The Ugly Ducklings—Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
*The Gruesomes—Unchain My Heart
*Soeurs Malette--La Premier Fois [Back in My Arms Again en francais]
*The Demics—Seven and 7 Is
Love--And More

*The Haunted – Vapeur Mauve [Purple Haze en francais]
Jimi Hendrix BBC Radio One jingle
The Jimi Hendrix Experience—Burning of the Midnight Lamp
The Chambers Brothers – In The Midnight Hour
The Equals— My Life Ain’t Easy
The Dirtbombs—Ode to a Black Man

Thin Lizzy--Johnny

And here are a couple of playlists for February shows that weren't archived:

Dementia 13 Fill-in, 2/18/2008

Nova Local--Games
The Game—The Addicted Man
The Morning Reign--Satisfaction Guaranteed
Mouse and the Traps—I Satisfy
The Standells--Try It
The E-Types—She Moves Me
The Chocolate Watchband—No Way Out
The Shaynes – From My Window
* Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck--Somebody Think
* The Shondells—Don’t Put Me Down
*Portland Street South--You've Been Running So Long
*BNA Act—Don’t Run Away
Tommy James and the Shondells--Sweet Cherry Wine
*The Metalunas—Thunderbolt
*The Plague--Only In America
The Electric Prunes--Hey Mr. President
The Boss Five--Please Mr. President
*The Poppy Family—Evil Overshadows Joe
Sly Stone—I Just Learned to Swim
Booker T & the MGs—Boot-leg

Real Cool Time, 2/19/2008

The Lolas--I Can't Stand It
Ad: Lolas--In My Car
Stumpy Joe--Daydreams
The Posies--Dream All Day
Bram Tchaikovsky--Girl Of My Dreams
The Cake—World of Dreams
The Pretty Things—Walking Through My Dreams
The Sound Sandwich—Apothecary Dreams
Stiv Bators—I Had Too Much to Dream

*The Stupes—American Bandstand
*The Young Canadians—Automan
*The Tonics—I Hate Music
*Stand GT – Choke
*The Pointed Sticks—Marching Song
*The Smugglers—What do You Want Me to Do
*Bum—Mrs. Rock & Roll

The Bad Brains – House of Suffering
Screamin’ Joe Neal—She’s My Baby
Bo Diddley—I’m Looking for a Woman
Barrence Whitfield – Rocking the Mule in Kansas
Replacements – Black Diamond

Tryin' to Make Some Girl

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/12/2008: Sexay and Satisfyin'

The Woggles--Push
The Friggs--Bad Word For A Good Thing
The Fuzztones--Action Speaks Louder Than Words
*The Lust-O-Rama--1-2-5
*Les Sexareenos--Girl Give Me Love
The Lime Spiders--Weirdo Libido
Little Phil and the Nightshadows--Sixty Second Swinger
John & Jackie--Little Girl
*Vanda King--Ooh What You Do

Bed Music: There’s No Satisfaction from the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack

*Trio Sourire--Satisfaction
The Pandoras--You Don’t Satisfy
The Dirtbombs--I'm Qualified To Satisfy You
The Seeds--I Can Satisfy You
The Niteriders--Satisfaction Guaranteed
Russ Kruger--Keep Me Satisfied
The Royal Nonesuch--She's So Satisfyin'

Bed Music: Slick and Greazy from "Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh" (Arf Arf)

*King Khan & His Shrines – 69 Faces of Love
* Suckerpunch – Let’s Get Evil
* Forbidden Dimension – Hellfire Club