Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How about it, Gorgeous?

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/17/2013: Beeb Beatle Blast.



The Nightcrawlers–Basket Of Flowers [RIP Tommy Ruger.]

Words of Love
*JB and the Playboys–All My Loving
From Me To You
The Quid—Catch the Wind
Hippy Hippy Shake
*The Guess Who–Stop Teasing Me
KLIF Dallas Beatle concert promo 
Lend Me Your Comb
Surf detergent at 
*The Great Scots–That Wasn’t No Girl

Los Shakers –Baby Yeah Yeah
KQV Beatle bus trip to Cleveland promo
There’s a Place
The Poppees—If She Cries
Beatles '64 Christmas message
"Help" ad
Talkin’ About You

*The Midways – The Way I Feel About You
She Loves You
*Les Merseys–Ticket To Ride 
Do You Want to Know a Secret
*Klaatu—California Jam

*Ugly Ducklings—Postman’s Fancy [RIP Home mail delivery.]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pink Paisley

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/10/2013: Featuring recent acquisitions, Paisley Underground, and Floydian flights.


The Stranglers—Nice n’ Sleazy [Hugh Cornwell appearing at Lee's this Sunday, 12/15.]
*La La Brooks--What’s Mine Is Yours
The Crystals–(Let’s Dance) The Screw
The Friggs–Bad Word For A Good Thing
Palmyra Delran--Shut Out
The Attention!—Kaisers Dance   
Wau y Los Arrrghs–Todo Lo Voy a Romper ["Time Will Tell" en Espanol.]
*The Viletones--Back Door to Hell [Appearing at the Phoenix this Friday, 12/13.]

The Bangs–Getting Out of Hand
The Rain Parade–I Look Around
Neil Young ad
*The Dream Syndicate–Cinnamon Girl [They'll be at the Garrison on Feb. 8!]
*Rainy Day–Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Station ID--Ralph
*Ralph–Acid Jazz on a Rainy Day
The Three O’Clock–With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
*Three O’Clock Train–Sunken Desires

Bipolaroid–Where’s The Spring 
*Three to One—See Emily Play 
*The Sadies–Lucifer Sam
The Pink Floyd–Interstellar Overdrive 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aw, but he was cool people

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/3/2013:  RIP Dick Dodd



Riot On Sunset Strip [Live at Cavestomp '99]
There’s A Storm Coming [Live at Cavestomp '99]
Herman Munster recites
Linda Lou [Live at PJ's]
Standells show ad
Gazzari's ad
Mr. Nobody
Plymouth Barracuda ad

Hollywood trip ad
Try It [alt. version]
All Fall Down
Hullabaloo club ad
It’s All In Your Mind 
Ever Had That Feeling
Dirty Water [Live at Cavestomp '99]

*The Purple Toads--Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
*The Chessmen–Wild Thing
*The Nomads–Hey Joe
*Jenny Rock–Noir c'est Noir 
*Les Valiants--I'll Go Crazy 
*Les Miserables–Oo Poo Pa Doo
*Les Hou-Lops–Boney Maronie 
*The Blue Demons--Squad Car