Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I tell you whut

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/29/2008: T for Texas

Inspired by Rocky's voracious reading of Paul Drummond's Eye Mind: The Saga of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators--and the Rev. Horton Heat's appearance in town this week. I only wish we had some King of the Hill soundbites.

Junior Varsity -Texas
Houston Post Now Sounds Groove-In ad
Fever Tree – I Can Beat Your Drum
Upbeat TV show ad mentioning Mouse & the Traps
Mouse & the Traps – Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice
*Tomorrow’s Keepsake—Elevator Operator
13th Floor Elevators—Fire Engine [Live from Sump'n Else TV show--including boss interview snippet with Tommy Hall about the jug!]
The Moving Sidewalks—Every Night a New Surprise
*Huevos Rancheros—Bring Me the Head of Billy Gibbons

Batman merch at Dallas J.C. Penney ad
The Five Canadians – Never Alone
Rolling Stones Dallas concert ad
*The Midways – Night Of the Sadist
KNUZ-Houston ad for the Champagne Brothers at Teen Hall
*Les Sexareenos – Journey To Tyme
KNUZ-Houston ad for Neal Ford and the Fanatics at Garner State Park
*The Frankenstein 5—It’s a Cryin’ Shame (tr 6)
*The Vindicators--24 Hours (Everyday)
*The Deadcats—Rock Around with Ollie Vee

Bobby Fuller Eastwood H.S. radio ad
Bobby Fuller—Peggy Sue/Pamela
The Ugly Beats--Lonely Side of town
The Cramps--Green Fuzz
Reverend Horton Heat--Psychobilly Freakout
Rev Organ Drum--Route ‘66
The Everly Brothers—T for Texas

Friday, April 25, 2008


Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/26/2008: Low Budget Lo-Fi and Demo Recordings. Here's an MP3 version.

The Kinks--Low Budget

Nobody’s Children--Good Times
The Draggs--I Like To Die
The 5678s--I Don’t Need You No More
The Monarchs--Satellite
*The Infernos--Alley Cat
Great Shakes Ad with Menster Phip and the Phipsters
The Milkshakes--You Did Her Wrong
*The Milky Ways--Mary Blue
The Mummies--Hairy Mary

*King Khan & BBQ—Love You So
*Deja Voodoo--Swamp of Love
* Bloodshot Bill—I’ll Know
* Curse of Horseflesh--Skeleton Hill 90210

The Dictators—Firemans Friend
The New York Dolls--Seven Day Weekend
The Ramones—I Can’t Be
The Flamin’ Groovies—Can’t Explain
The Velvet Underground—Sad Song
Randy Alvey & Green Fuz--Green Fuz
* Satan & the D-Men--She’ll Lie

Dinah Wants Religion

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/11/2008: A Spiritual Set. Here's an MP3 version.

The Fabs--Dinah Wants Religion
The Electric Prunes--Sanctus
Anti-Rock & Roll Sermon--"The beat, the beat, the beat"
The Len Price 3--Christian In The Desert
The Woggles--Ramadan Romance
The Lipstick Killers--Hindu Gods of Love
Atilla and the Huns—Under the Bodhi Tree
*Les Talmud--Avoir Raison

*The Glads--Do The Go To Hell
*The Gruesomes--Way Down Below
*The Worst--Heretic
*The Sadies--Lucifer Sam
*The Color Me Psycho--Surfin’ in Gomorrah
*The Marc Brodie & the Beaver Patrol--Shores of Hell

Patterson’s People—Shake Hands with the Devil
The Remo Four--Sing Hallelujah
T.C. Atlantic--Judgement Train
The Darwin's Theory--Hosanna
Elder Beck--Rock and Roll Sermon
Brian Auguer—Save Me

Fleshtones--Burning Hell

And here are playlists from 3/4/2008 (no archives available).

Electric Sound Basement Fill-In--Lotsa synth-pop, which is the closest thing we have to the ESB sound:

Saturday’s Children—Wisconsin Electric Co. ad
Bill Nelson—Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric)
Now Sounds Groove-In ad
The Harbinger Complex—Tomorrow’s Soul Sound
The Ramones—I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement
*Neil Young--Mr. Soul (from Trans)
*Sonic Youth--Computer Age
*Neil Young & Devo--Hey Hey My My
Devo—Come Back Jonee
* Aslun Mann--The Craver
* The Grapes of Wrath - I Am Here
* Simply Saucer—Here Come the Cyborgs Pt. 1
A Flock of Seagulls—Telecommunication
Lene Lovich—I Think We’re Alone Now
Gleaming Spires—Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?
B-52s — Legal Tender
The Big Three—What’d I say

Real Cool Time--Tribute to Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five

DC5—Anyway You Want It
Revlon "Swingstakes" ad (Win a trip to London to see the DC5)
DC5—That’s What I Said
The Bristols--Can’t You See That He’s Mine
DC5—Don’t Let Me Down
*The Numbers--Bits and Pieces
*Les Classels—Glad All Over
DC5--Maze of Love
The Woggles--Concentration Baby
Ad: Sex Clark Five—Ketchup if You Can
DC5—Catch Us If You Can
Sex Clark Five—Battle of the Sex Clark Five

* Sultans—[French Zombies cover whose title escapes me]
* Les Hou-Lops—It’s Gonna Be All Right [en francais]
* Les Sextants--No Reply [en francais]
* Jeff Healey – While My Guitar Gently Weeps [He'd just died that week too.]

*Francois et Les Sinners—Yummy Yummy Yummy
Mary Lou Lord w/Semisonic—Sugar Sugar
Tartan Horde—Bay City Rollers We Love You
Nick Lowe—Rollers Show
Crunch—Let’s Do It Again

Primordial Ooze

We brought one of our favorite local bands, the Primordials, in for a fun gab session.

MAYDAY: The lads will be appearing at the Beaver (1192 Queen West) on Thursday, May 1st, as part of the Frantic City festivities.

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/18/2008.

*The Smugglers – That Is Rock & Roll

The Nomads--Primordial Ooze
Hoodoo Gurus--Mars Needs Guitars
The Cramps--Primitive

*The Primordials--Say Alright
The Moontrekers--Night Of The Vampire
*The Nocturnals--Because You’re Gone
David John & The Mood--I Love To See You Strut
The Hollies--You Know He Did
The High Risers with Kaiser George--Little Devil
*The Primordials--That’s If You Want Me To

Michael Leslie--Make Up Or Break Up
The Demons of Negativity--Resurrection
The Visions--Humpty Dumpty
The Epics--Humpty Dumpty
*Alun Piggins--Watching You Glow

I can't find a CD for the 3/25/2008 program--maybe we were so eager to get our post-show Spicy Fish at Flip, Toss and Thai that we bolted. Here's the playlist:

March 25, 2008--Slightly Political Sweet Stuff

*The Gruesomes--Hypnotized
Elvis Costello and the Attractions--What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding
*The Barracudas--We’re Living In Violent Times
*Neil Young/CSNY--Ohio
Alex Chilton--Dalai Lama
Billy Bragg—Help Save the Youth of America
The Clash--Hate and War
*Malcolm Bauld--Extra Mile

The Strangeloves--I Want Candy
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls ad
The Carrie Nations--Sweet Talkin’ Candy Man
*The Leather Uppers--Sugar Sandwich
The Go-Nuts--The Bad Apple
*Les Breastfeeders—Vanille ou fraises dans la steppe

The Undertones – More Songs About Chocolate and Girls
The Chocolate Factory—Intro/60 Minutes of Your Love
The Undertones--Mars Bar
The Lears--Softly To Me
Chocolate Moose--Chocolate Moose Theme
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--You Spin Me ‘Round ’86
*The Treble Makers--Great White Lunch Hour

Other April 2008 Playlists

These shows have been lost to the mists of time, but the lists linger on:

April 8, 2008--FUNdraising Show, played in between bouts of begging:

Knickerbockers Lakeland, FL concert ad
The Knickerbockers—Money (That’s What I Want)
The Booby Traps – Movin’ On
*The King Beez—I Gotta Move
The Kinks—Don’t Ever Let Me Go
The Lolas – Don’t Change A Thing
*Shanker and Romps—I’m Your Monkey Man
The A-Bones—Monkey Man
*King Khan & His Shrines — Three Hairs and You're Mine
*The Pointed Sticks—What Do You Want Me to Do
The Damned— Help
The Sparkles--Hipsville 29 BC
? & the Mysterians—I Need Somebody
RevOrganDrum—Time Is Tight

April 14, 2008--Emergency Dementia 13 Fill-in for an ailing Christian

Kin Vassy—That’s the Bag I’m In
Warner Bros. Records "It's the Plastic" ad
*David Clayton-Thomas & the Shays—Barbie-Lee
*The Sinners—Sinnerisme
*Yvon Bonneville – Monsieur Jean
*Don Norman & the Other Four – Low Man
*The Checkerlads – Shake Yourself Down
*The Eyes of Dawn – Time To Be Going
*The Canadian Squires—Leave Me Alone

Ban Deodorant ad with the Repulsives
The Knaves—Leave Me Alone
The Torquays—Stolen Moments
The Swingin’ Machine—Do You Have to Ask
The Starfires—I Never Loved Her
The Blizzards—I’m Your Guy
The Roadrunners—I’ll Make It Up To You

Special dedication to my old Alvernian pals at St. Francis Prep
St. Agnes Teen Review ad
The Barracuda—The Dance at St. Francis
We the People—In the Past
Jeff St. John & the Id—Eastern Dream
William Penn V—Swami
Inside Looking Out—Long Live Sivinanda
*The Stonemen - Faded Colours

April 15, 2008—Another Car Show

Southern Culture On The Skids – Dirt Track Date
NYC Custom Auto Show ad
The Cramps—Sado County Auto Show
Chicago Custom Auto Show ad
The Monarchs—Hot Rods From Hell
*Shanker & Romps – Rockin’ Rockin’ Parking Lot
Ford ad with Joanie Summers and Vic Damone
Gene Vincent—Pink Thunderbird
Ford Mustang western-themed ad
Jumpin' Gene Simmons—Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped-Up Model T Ford
*The Deadcats—Hank’s Cadillac
*Real Gone—Gasoline Radio
Dinah Shore Chevrolet ad
*NRG—Route 66

Vanishing Point ad
Avengers—Car Crash
Buzzcocks—Fast Cars
*Teengenerate--Top Down
*Teenage Head—Driving Wild (My Invader)

Daryl Starbird Auto Show ad
Untamed Youth—Full-Blown 426 Hemi or My Big “T”
Great Lakes Speedaway ad
Boss Martians--Never Trust a Chick in a 3-Window Coupe
Big Star—Back of a Car
Fleshtones—Shiny Hiney
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet—Customized
Tee and Thee Crumpets – I Should Have Known Better [RIP Tee.]

April 22, 2008

Blue Oyster Cult – The Red & the Black [Albert Bouchard is DJ-ing at the Bovine Sex Club this Saturday, April 26.]
Patti Smith Group – Gloria
* Stand GT – Planet Bob
* The Sadies—Why Be So Curious
* The Fringe – Token For My Mind
Bevis Frond – Repressor
*Orange Alabaster Mushroom—Valerie Vanillaroma
*Mississippi Grover—I’m Buried Alive [Appearing at Wang Dang Doodle at the Boat this Saturday, April 26.]

Bram Tchaikovsky – Sara Smiles
* Sherlocks – Stefany
* Smugglers – Hey Stephanie
The Dimensions – Penny
The Boss Martians – I Want To Be Your Addiction
Young Fresh Fellows – Rock and Roll Pest Control
Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers – I Told You Once Before
Zombies "Bunny Lake is Missing" ad
The Zombies –Tell Her No
The Kaisers – Patricia Ann [Just finished reading Pattie Boyd's memoir.]
The Neatbeats—Spoilt Girl

Real Fool Time

Welcome to the long-awaited debut of Real Cool Time's online archive presence. Long-awaited by us, at least. Our mothership CIUT has yet to put up archives on its page, so we asked our pal-in-programming Steve of the Electric Sound Basement for advice on how to take matters into our own hands. Here's the result!

We'll be gradually adding previous programs along with current ones. Unfortunately this one from April 1 is the most recent show we have at the moment (the downloading computer at the station was dismantled for a couple of weeks to make room for the funding drive phone volunteers).

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/1/2008: Real Fool Time, celebrating April Fool's Day. The first couple of songs got cut off as we had to start a few minutes early.

*The Guess Who—You Know He Did
*The Fiends—Quit Pickin’ On Me
*Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals – Playing Tricks On Myself
*MG & the Escorts - A Someday Fool
Bobby Fuller 4 Gallencamps ad
*Zamboni Drivers--Love's Made A Fool Of You
The Deadly Snakes--Rock Candy [Mislabeled on the LP--squeezed the correct track in at the end.]

The Damned—Creep (You Can’t Fool Me)
The Maggots—She Fooled Me
The Trembles - Stupid Fool
The Disillusioned Younger Generation—Who Do You Think You’re Fooling
The Fleshtones – Stop Foolin’ Around
The Chosen Few - Foolin' Around With Me
The Oscar Five—I Won’t Be Your Fool
The Sting-rays Of Newburgh –Fool

Johnny Kendall & the Heralds—Fool
Danny Darren—Fool About You
Dino, Desi & Billy--I’m A Fool
Lord & the Flies--You Made A Fool Of Me
The Big TNT Show ad
Ike and Tina Turner--A Fool in Love
Arthur Conley—Who’s Fooling Who
*The Deadly Snakes--Make A Fool Out Of Me