Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If he died in Memphis wouldn't that be cool

The Replacements--Alex Chilton
*The Asexuals—Turn Life to a Song
*Eugene Ripper—Tech Know Me (tr 3)
*The Deadcats--Going Down To memphis
*Barry Boyd & the Frantics—Goin’ Home to Memphis
*Jenny Rock—Le train pour Memphis
*Les Miserables—Une lettre
*Les Sultans—The Letter

Box Tops Coke ad
The Box Tops—Happy Times
Big Star--O My Soul
Big Star--In the Street (live rehearsal)
The Box Tops--You Keep Tightening Up On Me
Big Star--September Gurls (live rehearsal)

Big Star--Thank You Friends
Alex Chilton--Bangkok
Big Star--Back of a Car
Box Tops Coke ad
The Box Tops--Turn on a Dream
Big Star--When My Baby’s Beside Me
Big Star--She’s A Mover
Alex Chilton and the Posies--S-L-U-T

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