Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To walk you home from school

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/28/2013:  Kaylanisms, rats, and other miscellany. 


Blue Oyster Cult – (Then Came) The Last Days Of May
Slade—Shape of Things to Come
The Good Rats–The Hobo
DMZ—Mighty Idy [Live at the Rat.]
The Rats--Rats Revenge Pt. 1 
The Rats–I’ve Got To See My Baby 
David Bowie—Song for Bob Dylan [RIP Trevor Bolder.]

The Stranglers—Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)
The Woggles--Say Goodbye to a Dream
The Bureaucrats--Grown Up Age
The Sunnyboys–Guts of Iron

The Heartbreakers—Goin’ Steady [demo]
*The B-Girls–Chinese Rocks
*Simply Saucer–Instant Pleasure
*The Smoke Rings--Smell of Incense [June 1 – Simply Saucer, Hollow Earth, Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers – Silver Dollar.]         
*Dany Laj--Mr. Rebound [June 1 – Strangers, Dany Laj and the Looks, Nature Boy, Fucket – Izakaya Sushi House.]
*Luau Or Die--Mojave Chaser
*The Blue Demons--Pussy Whipped 
*High Tides--Showdown [May 31-June 2 – 8th is the annual Great Lakes Surf Battle...Cadillac, Grafitti’s, Oasis Aqua Lounge.]


For some reason the May 21,2013 show wasn't uploaded to the CIUT site, but here's the playlist. 

*The Guess Who—Light My Fire
The Doors—Take It As It Comes [RIP Ray Manzarek--rock doc watching won't be the same without him.]
X--The World's a Mess, It's In My Kiss
*The Gruesomes – Won’t You Listen
The Outsiders – Filthy Rich  [RIP Ronnie Splinter.]
The Outsiders—Sun’s Going Down

The Loons–I Wanna Get You
*The Tell-Tale Hearts–Just In Case You Wonder
*The Ugly Ducklings – Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
*The British Modbeats – LSD
*The Fiends–Come See Me 
The Pretty Things–Roaslyn

The Misunderstood–Children of the Sun 
The Nashville Ramblers–The Trains
The Unclaimed--Run From Home 
The Rising Storm–She Loved Me
*The King-Beez–I Gotta Move 
Love–My Flash On You

*Black Rainbows – Boring On The Phone 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Victorian Beerworm

Real Cool Time Podcast, May 14, 2013: Sorry for the lack of updates in recent weeks.  Not only were we away for a while, but we haven't had access to downloadable files for the show.  Current shows are up for a week after the broadcast at the CIUT website.


Kinks – Victoria
*Michael Rault and the Mixed Signals –Keep Your Cool [Michael Rault appears at the Silver Dollar this Friday, May 17.]
The Hoodoo Gurus–Party Machine
*Real Gone – Better When You’re Drunk
*The Leather Uppers–Slow Puke
Radio Birdman–TPBR Combo [Deniz Tek appears at Cherry Cola's on Thursday, May 16.]
The Pleasure Seekers—What a Way to Die

The A-bones—Daddy Wants a Cold Beer
The Orangutones–Pour Me A Beer
The Scotsmen--Beer Bust Blues
The Untamed Youth—Pabst Blue Ribbon
The Trashmen–Church Key
*Teenage Head–Teenage Beer Drinkin’ Party
*Fuad and the Feztones–Beeramid

The Moods–Rum Drunk 
*The Tonics–Pina Colada 
*The Smugglers–Bourbon ‘92
*Les Sequelles–Cocktail Monotone
*Huevos Rancheros–Wild Turkey Surprise


Here are some playlists for our recent shows, except for the two weeks in April when we were off in Oz.  Cryptmistress Teresinha filled in on our funding drive program (big thanks to all our donors!), and D-13's Christian Hamilton filled in the following week.

May 7, 2013

The Sunsets – Hot Generation
Ad: H.P. Lovecraft–Band Roll-on
The Who – The Kids Are Alright
*The Marvelous Beauhunks–Who Says The Kids are Alright
*Dany Laj--799 Queen St. W.
*The Black Rainbows–Bare Back
*Mother’s Children–Don’t Tell Mom
*Stark Naked and the Fleshtones–I Wanna Marry Your Mother 
The Palms--Don’t Look Back
The Lime Spiders–Time Of Day
The Sunnyboys–Why Do I Cry
The Remains--Baby I Believe in You
Paul Messis – Sowing Seeds
The Loved Ones–More Than Love   
The Psychotic Turnbuckles–Destroy Dull City
Station ID: Cyril Jordan
The Flamin’ Groovies–Slow Death
*Teenage Head--Disgusteen
*Marc Brodie and the Beaver Patrol – Shores of Hell


April 30, 2013 Return

The Futuras–What Did The Man Say  
Green Circles–Time Comes
Kim Salmon and Spencer Jones–It’s All The Same
La Bastard—Bewitchery
Rocket To Memphis–Ride to the Stars
The Divinyls—Boys in Town
The Field Twins—Someone Cares for Me
Peter and the silhouettes—Claudette Jones
Phil Jones and the Unknown Blues—If I Had a Ticket
*Jim Keays—1-2-5
The Frowning Clouds—Let’s Talk About Girls
The Fabulous Blue Jays—Jay Walker
*CATL (new duo line-up to tour US in May)—He’ll make a Way
Joe Castle--My Baby's Crazy About Me
*Neil Young and the Squires–I Wonder
*The Zamboni Drivers--Love's Made A Fool Of You
*Doug Moore–A Leaf Fan's Dream
*Huevos Rancheros--Gump Worsley’s Lament
*The Rink Rats—Phantom  Dragster


April 9, 2013 – Diggin’ Up Down Undah!

The Shimmys–Shimmys Intro
Blue Oyster Cult–The Red and The Black
The Flamin’ Groovies–Shake Some Action
The Plimsouls—Shaky City
The Buzzcocks--Everybody's Happy Nowadays 
The Stems--You Can’t Turn The Clock Back
The Lime Spiders–Slave Girl
The Scientists--Swampland
The Crusaders—Danger Beach
The Frowning Clouds–Snake Charmer
Deniz Tek--RPM
The Hoodoo Gurus–Dig It Up!
*The Fiends–Gravedigger 
*The Worst – I Don’t Dig You Girl
*Forbidden Dimension—Dig That Cra-a-zy Grave
*The Dewline—If You Can Dig It
*Christopher Dignan–Move Dem Bones 
*The Black Rainbows – Two Day Rule
*Chixdiggit–2000 Flushes Yellow
*The Surfdusters–The Reef