Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raid, Hermania!

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/28/2012: Peter Noone and Paul Revere Ex-travaganza.  They're at the Ex tonight, and we'll be there not with bells, but with tri-corner hats on!

I most likely got this from Beth.

Herman’s Hermits–Wild Love
Herman’s Hermits–Got A Feeling
Vox Wah-Wah pedal ad
Herman's Hermits--Hold On
Sears record dept. ad
Herman's Hermits--No Milk Today
Herman's Hermits--Ace King Queen Jack
The Stool Pigeons w/Peter Noone–Take Love, Give Love

*The Von Zippers–Satan’s Stool Pigeon Theme
*The Chains–Fortune Teller
*Les Gants Blancs–Tu veux revenir
*The Chessmen–When I’m Not There
*Les Sultans–Bring Her Back 
*Les Macchabees--Je t'aime trop ["Stepping Stone" en francais.]
*Les Miserables–Oo Poo Pa Doo   
*The Centaurs--Kicks

GTO Judge ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders--Action
"Spirit of '67" ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders–Louise
"Alias Pink Puzz" ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders--New Orleans
Swingy Doll ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders--Ballad of a Useless Man
Paul Revere and the Raiders--Just Like Me [alt. mix]
Paul Revere and the Raiders – Like Long Hair

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/21/2012: Hey there Gorky Boy.


Nikita The K and The Friends Of Ed Labunski--Go Go Radio Moscow  
The Regents--The Russian Spy and I 
*The Barracudas–The KGB Made A Man Out Of Me
The Beatles–Back In The USSR
The Crushers--Once Upon A Tim
Singing GuitarsPerfidia
The Karovas Milkshake--No Reason To Complain   
*The Treblemakers–The Shmirnoff Conspiracy

The Avengers—The American in Me
*The Curse–Oh My God 
*Maow--Mindless Aggression 
*The Dishrags–I Don’t Love You
*The Unbelievers--Bully
*Polaris–Danger Girl

Tina Turner–All In My Mind 
The Kinks—Dead End Street [alternate version]
The Vertebrats–Diamonds in the Rough 
Los Bat Boys--Cheating Charlie
Los Grimm--Viaje en la alfombra magica

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mayhem (not psychosis)

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/14/2012: Who's got their copy of the garage rock bible yet?

Get your copy here!

*The Guess Who–Shakin’ All Over
Who Radio One jingle
The Who–Summertime Blues
Who Coke ad
The Smithereens–The Seeker
*Les Merseys–Lies 
The High Numbers–I’m The Face
The Small Faces--Own Up Time

*The Sherlocks–Girl You Captivate Me
*The Gruesomes–Who Dat? 
*The Ten Commandments—Big Man
*The Midways—A Girl Like You
*The Vindicators—24 Hours Everyday
*Double Naught Spies—And She Said Yes 

The Mop Tops—I Tried
The Pentagons—Try and Find 
The Es Shades—Anyday, Anywhere 
Revelles—You Don’t Love Me No More 
The Malcontents—I’m a Roustabout 
The Highlites—No One to Tell Me 
The Outcasts—Run Away 
Imelda May–Mayhem
Fuzz Aldrin--Trailer Park Quarantine

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our own private Ontario

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/7/2012: We prepare for our upcoming schlep on a gambling bus to see the Bangles and the B-52s at Casino Rama.


Sorry, couldn't resist...some of my high school pals got to meet the B-52s.  I'm not sure of the year but I think this was backstage at Letterman, 'cause there was also a pic of Greg with Larry "Bud" Melman among these shots.


*B-Girls–Fun At The Beach
The B-52s–52 Girls
Bangs No Mag ad
The Bangs–Getting Out of Hand 
The B-52s--Hero Worship
The Bangles--Hero Takes A Fall [Live, unknown '80s date and venue.]

The Bangles–I Want You
The B-52s--Give Me Back My Man
The Bangles--The Glitter Years
The B-52s--Private Idaho
The Bangles--Ride the Ride   

*Sid and Susie–Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
*Bongwater–Mr. Soul
Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson--Candy
The Ramones–Chop Suey
*The Riff Randells–All I Know   
*Fred Schneider with Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet–Sugar In My Hog 
*Cub–Get Off The Road (Maneaters)
*Kate Nash--Chinchilla
*Suckerpunch--Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the Case

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/31/2012: We almost missed a great Peter Case show at the Dakota last here we're makin' up for lost time.

*Alun Piggins–Watching You Glow
The Nerves–When You Find Out
The Breakaways–Little Suzy
The Plimsouls–Oldest Story In The World
The Plimsouls–Dangerous Book
The 27 Various--Tribute – Great Big World tr 11

The Prettyboys—I Wanna Make You
The Shoes – I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Tom Orsi--Where Are You Now
Flamin' Groovies "Supersnazz" ad
The Flamin’ Groovies—Don’t Put Me On
The Lolas—Sticker
Let’s Active–Ring True

*The Zellots–Social Elite 
*Mother’s Children—Dancing with Your Girlfriend
*Pointed Sticks—Start Something New
*The Cribs—Death in the Family
*The Numbers–Sideways Elevator
*The Evaporators—Busy Doing Nothing
*The Barracudas–Somewhere Outside

7/24 playlist (the show might be lost to the mists of time though).

The Snapper--She’s A Lover
The Artwoods–Don’t Cry No More
5 From Dave–Little Child 
The Spectres—Neighbor Neighbour
Fingers Lee and the Upper Hand--Midnight Race 
The Clique—We Didn’t Kiss We Didn’t Love But Now We Do
Casey Jones and the Governors–All I Wanna Do
*The Primordials–Keep a Hold of What You’ve Got
*The Reply–Memphis Train
*Dany Laj--Orange Buoy
*The Evaporators--Bunk
*The Evil Eyes--Good As Gold
The Chesterfield Kings–I Don’t Understand
Marshall Crenshaw–Right On Time
*The Royal Crowns—Lady Pomp Gal
The Db’s–Let’s Live For Today 
The Windbreakers – She Likes Girls
*Neil Young–Drive Back
*Soul Asylum—Barstool Blues