Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Place Fast

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/26/2010: Shakin' Pop

Nick Lowe—Shake and Pop
Larry Williams—You Bug Me Baby
Stones Rice Krispies ad
The Rolling Stones—Crackin’ Up
Everly Brothers Coke ad
Everly Brothers—Don’t Run and Hide
Spencer Davis Group—I’m A Man

*The British Modbeats--Somebody Help Me
Spencer Davis Great Shakes ad
*Grant Smith & The Power--Keep On Running
*Jenny Rock--Contrat D'amour
*The Paupers--If I Told My Baby
*Michael Rault and the Mixed Signals--Moody River
*The Gruesomes--Why Me
*Fuad & the Feztones--That’s Bad, That’s Worse

The Hunchbacks--Bad to Worse
The Real Kids--No Place Fast
The Media Whores--Can’t Hardly Wait
The Replacements--Unsatisfied
Chris Mars--Popular Creeps
The Breakaways--Every Day Things
The Plimsouls--Come On
The Kinks—Top of the Pops

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carnac the Magnificent Rolls in His Grave

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/19/2010: The "Tonight" Show, RCT-Style

The Finkers--Tonight
The Raspberries--Tonight
The Paul Collins Beat--Don’t Wait Up For Me Tonight
The Rezillos--Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
*A Passing Fancy--I'm Losing Tonight
Das Damen--Johnny Carson

*The Haunted--Pourquoi ["Talk Talk" en francais.]
"21 Sounds for the Sun Set" LP ad
The Remains—I'm Talkin’ ‘Bout You
The Pretenders--Talk Of The Town
Yardbirds Great Shakes ad
The Yardbirds--I’m Not Talkin’
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps--Double Talkin’ Baby
*Real Gone—Sweet Talk’s Gone Sour
*The Demics – Talk Is Cheap
The New York Dolls--Chatterbox
*The Stolen Minks – Stop Talkin’

The Ace--Tonight
The Riots--Tell Me Tonight
*Bloodshot Bill--Hangin’ Me Tonight
*Neil Young--Tonight’s The Night
Girl Trouble--Night Life

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Idolize You

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/12/2010: Recent acquisitions + Toronto punk book launch

Purple Wizard--I Idolize You
The Woggles—Buzz The Jerk
The Sirens--Push
Barrence Whitfield--Baby
*The Primordials--That Driving Beat
*Catl--Working Man’s Soul

*Ralph – Happy With Nothing
Ralph Station ID
*The Diodes--Time Damage
*The Curse--Blunks
*Simply Saucer--Bullet Proof Nothing

*The Tonics--Get It In Your Feet
The La-De-Das--Don’t Stand In My Way
Asteroid B-612--Teenage Lust
The Philisteins--Wimp
12 o’Clock Shadow--Hellbound Train
The Green Circles--Double O Eyes
Mark & the Spies--Give Me A Look
Los Manganzoids--Naves de la Morte
The Ravin' Blue--Love

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Special Beat Service

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/5/2010: Beat from Britain and Beyond

The Hollies--Now’s the Time
Ronnie Bird--Ou-Va-T'elle
Surf detergent ad
The Roulettes--Bad Time
Peter & Gordon McLean's Toothpaste ad [Of course both of them had the worst choppers ever.]
Rick and Sandy--Lost My Girl
Terry Dean--It's You
Los Shakers—What a Love
Thom McAn "Dutchess" shoes ad
The Marauders--That's What I Want
Freddie & the Dreamers "Seaside Swingers" ad
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates--I Want That

*The Guess Who--Shakin’ All Over
*The Quid--Crazy Things
*Les Hou-Lops—Tout ira tres bien ["It’s Gonna Be Alright" en francais.]
*Cesar et les Romains—Hoochi Koochi Koo
*JB & the Playboys—Then & There
*The Midways–The Way I Feel About You

*The Primordials–You Know It Is
The Kravin’ A’s–I’ll Never Leave
The Milkshakes–Let Me Love You
Dave Clark 5 London trip contest ad
The Shindiggers–A Certain Girl
The Neatbeats–Just A Little
The Kaisers – Wishing Street