Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our way of giving

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/6/2010: Featuring a small Small Faces spotlight.

Booker T. and the MGs—Boot-Leg
The Drive-By Truckers--3 Dimes Down
*Real Gone--Sexual Disconnexual
*Mississippi Grover--Snakes In My House
*The Sadies--Food, Water, etc.

Small Faces LP ad
The Small Faces--It’s Too Late
Earthquake – Tin Soldier
The Small Faces—My Mind's Eye
The Small Faces--Grow Your Own
The Shimmys--What'cha Gonna Do About It

Georgie Fame & His Blue Flames—In the Meantime
The Fleshtones – Do You Swing?
Master's Apprentices Ford Cortina ad
The Master’s Apprentices--Undecided
The Frowning Clouds--I’m Sad
*The Liverpool Set--Oh Gee Girl
*The Barracudas--The Eleventh Hour
Plymouth Barracuda ad
The Hysterical Society--I Know
*The Smugglers--Luau!
*Luau Or Die--Surfin’ Asassin
*Huevos Rancheros--Diamond Head
Friends of CIUT drive starts today...see for details and $upport community radio!

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