Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do the hammerlock, you turkeynecks

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/25/2008: With nods to both the "Last Pogo" and American Thanksgiving.

*The Superstitions—Forever Stay True [Appearing at the Canadian Corps Legion Hall at Niagara and King on Friday 11/28.]

"Last Pogo" set [Last Pogo 30th Anniversary tribute at the Horseshoe this Saturday.]
*The Mods—Troubled Times
*The Ugly—Just One Foot in the Gutter
*The Secrets--Diddy Wah Diddy
*The Viletones—Screaming Fist
*Teenage Head—Little Boxes
*The Evaporators – Cardboard Brains

The Len Price 3—Cold 500
The Cynics—Way It’s Gonna Be
The Crybabies--Other Half
Animals concert ad
The Animals--Inside Looking Out
The Royal Purple--Goodbye
The Psykicks—Common at Noon
The Real Kids—Taxi Boys

The Musical Linn Twins—Rockin’ Out the Blues
James Holloway—A la Carte
The Hamptones—Turkey Hop
The Novas—The Crusher
Fredale Mannew—It’s a Gas
Big Boy Pete—Cold Turkey
*The Offbeats--Wild Weekend

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saxophonic Tonic

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/18/2008: Saxy rock & roll and a Fleshtones hi-lite set--they're at the Horseshoe this Friday.

(The only pic I could find of Gordon Spaeth is sadly sax-less...hope Fuzzco doesn't mind me poaching it.)
EDIT: Steve Greenfield of the Immortal Porpoises (and Gordon's sax successor in the Fleshtones) was kind enough to refer me to another Foto by Fuzzco depicting Steve and Gordon playing together during one of the 'Tones' legendary Nightingale's residency gigs.

*Private School--Rock & Roll Radio

*Martha & the Muffins--Cheezies and Gum
*Tommy Ambrose with Joe King and the Zaniacs--End of the World
*The Nocturnals--Because You’re Gone
* Les "Z"--Pourquoi [ was another track on the same comp with the word "pourquoi" in it that had the sax--but, it wasn't Canadian, and this one is.]
*Les Puces—Est-c’que tu m’aimes [Do You Love Me en francais]
*Les Sexareenos--Hey Sah-lo-nay [Oops again--we were faked out by the fake fade-out!]

Fleshtones set:
American Beat ‘84
New York City
Legend of a Wheelman
Girl From Baltimore
Kingsmen-Like Medley [Had some turntable trouble with this one.]

Seattle Battle of the Bands ad
The Sonics--Boss Hoss
Raiders "Spirit of '67" ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders—Peter Gunn
The A-Bones—Button Nose
The Crossfires—Silver Bullet
Sam the Sham H.I.S. ad
Sam The Sham & the Pharoahs—Money’s My Problem
The Marks- Out Of My Mind
The Blendells—Huggie’s Bunnies
Impala – Another Day, Another Man

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're hip to your privacy

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/11/2008: Remembrance Day Randomness

Thee Makeout Party—Wreckless Epic

The Golden Breed—Let’s Go
Grass Roots "Alone Phone" ad
Last of the Bad Men—Phone Junk
The Mesmerines—Raygun
The Nerves--Walking Out on Love
The Beat--You Won’t Be Happy

*The Evaporators--Addicted To Cheese
*Les Differents--Abandonne
*King Khan & His Shrines--Burnin’ Inside
*Les Napoleons - Reviens
*The Stolen Minks – Stop Talking
*Wanda Jackson--Hard-Headed Woman
*MAOW – Mean Mean Man
The Go-Go’s--Let’s Have A Party

The Db’s--Let’s Live For Today
Grass Roots "Alone Phone" ad
The Grass Roots--Where Were You When I Needed You
Arthur Lee & the American Four--Stay Away
The Higher State - You I'll Be Following
The Rokes – Passing Through Grey

*The Poppy Family - There’s No Blood in Bone