Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If we get through for two minutes only

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/27/2011: Spotlite on a handful of our fave 2011 acquisitions.

The Jam–Start
*Le Chelsea Beat—Save My Soul
The Above–Find Somebody New
The Electric Mess—You’ve Become a Witch
*The Frankenstein 5–J and Bee

*The Sadies—Another Year Again
*Les Breastfeeders—La lune a blamer
*The Bon–Penny Candy
*The Pow Wows—Plastic Factory
*Stark Naked and the Fleshtones—Bop ‘til I Drop
*The Blue Demons—Cougar Country

Imelda May—Pulling the Rug
Dr. Feelgood--Roxette
The Kinks—House in the Country
Dave Davies--Crying
The Hot Knives—Sooner or Later
Neil Diamond—You’ll Forget
The Jesus and Mary Chain—The Living End (Peel Sessions)
The Music Machine–Bottom Of The Soul [R.I.P. Sean Bonniwell.]

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feliz Nabliblah

Apparently this is young John Genzale.

Bob Seger and the Last Heard–Sock It To Me Santa
*The Pointed Sticks–Power Pop Santa
The Chesterfield Kings—Hey Santa Claus
The Fleshtones—Mr. Santa Claus
*The Gruesomes – Santa Claus

The Swinging Neckbreakers—Under the Christmas Tree
The Wellingtons—Guess It’s Christmas
The Galaxies–Christmas Eve 
Barry and the Hi-Lites—Christmas Bell Rock
*Ralph–Christmas is Nice/C’est Jolie Noel
*Neil Young and Crazy Horse—Winterlong (Live at Fillmore East)
*The Sadies–The Starlight

*The Smugglers--Queasy
Keith Richards—Run Run Rudolph 
*Jack Scott–Jingle Bell Slide
Bey Ireland—All I Want for Christmas is a Go Go Girl
*Patty Surby & The Canadian V.I.P.'s–I Want A Beatle For Christmas
Beatles ’64 message
The Ventures–Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Los Straitjackets—Feliz Navidad

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hot Knife Through Butter

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/13/2011: Spotlight on recent acquisitions.

The Hot Knives—I Hear the Wind Blow
Knickerbockers show ad
The Hot Knives--Lies
The Blues Magoos–One By One
Blues Magoos Great Shakes ad
Los 5 del este—Nada todavia ["We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet" en espanol.]
*The Great Scots–That Wasn’t No Girl
*Freddy and the Four Gone Conclusions–Ball and Chain
*The Ugly Ducklings–Out of Sight

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers—Little Girl
DMZ – Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
Dr. Feelgood–She’s aWind up
The Bamboo Kids—Caught in New York City
*Christopher Dignan–I’m Feeling Good    
*The Cramps–The Way I Walk [Live at Club 57 (or Club 57 at Irving Plaza as I suspect), 1979.]
*Jack Scott—Baby She’s Gone
*The Sadies—What’s Left Behind

The Sawdust Caesars–Devil At Play 
The Playboys—I'm the Looser [sic]
Trubrot--Eg Veit Ao Pu Kemar 
*Les Breastfeeders—Ce ne sear pas un jour comme un autre
The Higher State–These Things Take Time

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Garage-punks Meet the Modfathers

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/6/2011: Assorted Moddities.

Via.  The guy in the middle is Beverly Hills Househusband Ken Todd.  The world was stunned to learn of Lisa Vanderpump's appearance in an '80s ABC video, but I'm more impressed with Ken's mod past.

The Who—Cut My Hair
Who Coke ad
The High Numbers--Zoot Suit
Pete Townshend U.S. Air Force PSA
Pete Townshend—We Close Tonight
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers–I’m Your Witchdoctor [D'oh...this was supposed to be the Eyes' "My Degeneration," but unbeknownst to me, "The Immediate Single Anthology Vol. 1" was in the Eyes' case. I hope you got some "Immediate Pleasure" out of this track anyway!]
The Action—The Cissy
The Small Faces—Come On Children

Thom McAn "Soho" Shoes ad
Mike Stevens and the Shevelles—The Go Go Train
Georgie Fame--Get on the Right Track Baby
The Graham Bond Organization--Train Time
Steampacket—Baby Take Me
Davie Jones and the King Bees—Louie Go Home
The Eyes of Blue--Supermarket Full of Cans

*The Persuaders–Burn 
*E.G. Smith and The Power--Her Own Life  
*Les Minous Blancs—Oh non jamais
*Jenny Rock—Mon meilleur ami
*Christine et ses Copains—Mon Mini-Croulant
*The British Modbeats--Keep On Runnin’
*David Clayton Thomas—Walk That Walk
* King Kahn—I Don’t Have to Tell You