Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Havoc

Real Ghoul Time Podcast, 10/28/2008: Count Rockula and Dee Rangia come Back from the Grave!

[Zshare hasn't been working properly lately, so we're experimenting with different hosts--downloading may take a few minutes. Here's a copy of the same file at sendspace, which seems to download a bit faster.]

Milton the Monster Show theme
Danny Hutton—Monster Shindig

Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians—Phantom of the A-Go-Go
Bride of Frankenstein soundbite
The Swingin’ Phillies—Frankenstein’s Party
The Birds ad
The Four Flops—Trick or Treat
Bo Diddley—Bo Meets the Monster
The Eastenders—The Mummy’s Monkey
Dawn of the Dead soundbite
The Magics—Zombie Walk
Zombie news bulletin
The Fiends—Zombies Have Feelings Too

Bed music: Les Monstres—Theme du Cimetiere

Vampire Playgirls ad
The Worst—Dracula’s Daughter
Return of Count Yorga ad
The Ghouls—Dracula’s Deuce
Color Me Psycho—My Favorite Nightmare
Forbidden Dimension—Haunted

Los Saicos—Cementerio
Graveyard Tramps ad
Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers—Graveyard Rock
Les Gants Blancs—Pourquoi j’ai cru en toi [“I Put a Spell on You” en francais]
The Gruesomes—The Witch
Mark of the Devil ad
The Kiriae Crucible—The Salem Witch Trial

BONUS: Last year's Real Ghoul Time Podcast (10/30/2007).

Zacherle—Happy Halloween intro
Bill Buchanan—The Night Before Halloween

Blackula ad
The DuPonts—Screamin’ Ball at Dracula Hall
The Symbols—Do the Zombie
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde ad
Babs Tino—Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
1313 Mockingbird Lane—Teenage Frankenstein
Herman Munster Reads
Bob McFadden & Dor—The Mummy

*Teenage Head--Disgusteen
*The Pointed Sticks--The Witch
*The Worst--I Don’t Dig You Girl (But I’ll Dig Your Grave)
*The Fiends--Gravedigger
Graveyard Tramps ad
*Forbidden Dimension--Graveyard Line
*Deja Voodoo--3 Men One Coffin
*Les Monstres--Theme du Cimetiere

Mark of the Devil ad
Del Shannon—Torture
The Cramps—What’s Behind the Mask?
I Was a Teenage Werewolf ad
Neanderthals—Werewolf from Outer Space
Bobby “Boris” Picket radio I.D.
Bobby “Boris” Pickett—Werewolf Watusi
Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians—Monster Swim
The Drivers—Dry Bones Twist
Bettye Lavette—Witchcraft in the Air

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oktober Fuzz Fest

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/21/2008: Lotsa German beat, plus a Frankie Venom tribute.

*Andy Butler and the 905s--Hamilton Head
*Teenage Head--Bonerack
*The Fleshtones--Tearing Me Apart
*Teenage Head--Take It
*Teengenerate --Top Down
*The Nomads--Picture My Face
*Teenage Head—Next Time in Town

The Rattles--It’s My Fault
The What...For--You Hurt Me
The Guards—Hullabaloo
The Dukes--I’ll Come Back

The Green Slime--Voices Green And Purple
The Beatitudes--Green Fuzz
The German Bonds--We Are Out Of Sight
The Heartbeats--Why I Cry
Les Copains—Give Your Love to Me
The Shiny Gnomes--Love Torture
The Satelliters--Time
The Blizzards--Hab kleine lust heut aufzusteh’n

The Scorpions--I’m Going Mad

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote for me and I'll set you free

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/14/2008: Election Night Special

Game Theory--Throwing The Election

Cream Falstaff Beer ad
The Colony--Pseudo Psycho Intuition (Politician)
Boyce & Hart Coke ad
Boyce & Hart—L.U.V. (Let Us Vote)
Wild in the Streets ad
*The Pointed Sticks--Shape of Things To Come

*Les Sinners—Vox Populi
*Les Sinners – Go-Go Trudeau
Nardwuar vs. Jean Chretien
*The Evaporators—Suharto Stomp - tr 10
Nardwuar vs. Gerald Ford
*Neil Young--Campaigner
Nardwuar vs. Dan Quayle
*Shanker & Romps--Dennis Martinez: He Pitched a Perfect Game [El Presidente]

The Boss Five—Please Mr. President
The Avengers--The Amerikan In Me
Senator Bobby--Wild Thing
Doug Brown & The Omens--Youth And Experience
Paul Revere & the Raiders--Our Candidate
Lords of Gravity—Save the Nation
The Sheppards—When Johnny Comes Marching Home
The Loose Ends--Taxman
The Clique—Bareback Donkey Riding
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Baby Elephant Walk


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tu vas, tu vas a toilette...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/7/2008: Rock en francais

*The Evaporators--I’m Goin’ To France
*Les Sequelles--Un Train
*The Cryptones--Miserablement Votre
*Les Synapses--Mon Pere Est Millionaire
*Equipe 79—J’aime tu voix
*Jenny Rock--Douliou Douliou St. Tropez [Ignore my misinfo--apologies to Genevieve Grad! Poor pre-show fact-checking on my part, sorry.]
*Les Sequelles--4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent

Gillian Hills--Oublie
Fabienne Del Sol—Vilaines filles mauvais garcons
Dani--Je travaille autant qu’un garcon
Les Terribles—Tout est fini
Dutronc—Je ne t’aime pas…Moi Aussi (tr 8)

Les 5 Gentlemen--Cette Fille-la
The Slow Slushy Boys--You Get the Soul
Ronnie Bird—Je ne mens pas
Les Bowlers--Je me moquerai de toi
The Ramblers—I Want Her Back
The Star & The Key Of The Indian Ocean--All Right
The Flamingos—Out of Reach
The Vietnam Veterans—This Life is Your Life [Another misinformed "d'oh" moment on my part...]
Les Chevelles--Ton ombre me suit

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Everybody knows this is the boy from nowhere

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/30/2008: A few boys from nowhere, a smattering of Neil, and a mess of Paisley Underground.

The Bell-Rays—One Big Party

*The Boy From Nowhere--Heart Full Of Soul
DMZ--Boy From Nowhere
The Boys from Nowhere--Jungle Boy
The Dead Boys—I Need Lunch
*The Evaporators—Aside from This Is There Anything Else
*Catl—Ragged and Dirty

*The Cattle--Cinnamon Girl
*Bongwater--Mr. Soul
*Neil Young--Hey Hey My My
* Sid & Susie--Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

The Bangles--No Mag ad and The Real World
The Pandoras – She’s Ugly
Action Now—I Want You
The Last--She Don’t Know Why I’m Here
The Dream Syndicate—That’s What You Always Say
The Rain Parade—Look Both Ways
Rainy Day--John Riley
Salvation Army--She Turns To Flowers