Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(Which way) do you swing?

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/23/2009: Pride Week Special

*The Guess Who – It’s My Pride
The Fleshtones – Do You Swing?
Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation – Some Velvet Morning
Wayne County & the Back Street Boys—Max’s Kansas City
The New York Dolls--Babylon

Billy Wright—Man’s Brand Boogie Beer
Esquerita—Rockin’ the Joint
Little Richard—Ooh My Soul
*Les Habits Jaunes—Rip It Up
*The Fiends—Zombie the Greek

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts—The French Song
The Runaways—Dead End Justice
The Buzzcocks—Love You More [Live at Lesser Free Trade Hall ‘78.]
Judas Priest –Hell Bent for Leather
The Barbarians—Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl
*Les Sultans—Sticks and Stones
*MAOW—Party Tonite
*Los Mel-Tones—Custom Cruiser
*The Metalunas—Sounds from Uranus

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sonically speaking...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/16/2009: North by Northeast Preview [Show starts at about 3:40...the recording server is apparently out of sync with the clock in the studio.]

The Black Lips—Ain’t Comin’ Back [Free Thursday nite at Yonge-Dundas Square!]
The Sonics—Have Love Will Travel [Free Saturday nite at Yonge-Dundas Square!!!!!]
The Chesterfield Kings—The Hustler
Sonics show ad
The Sonics—He’s Waiting
*The Pointed Sticks – The witch
The Headcoatees--Strychnine
Seattle Battle of the Bands ad
The Sonics—Shot Down
The Back Door Men—I’m Going Home
The Sonics--Like No Other Man

The Sheep—Hide & Seek
The Sheep—Thinkin’ About It
The Strangeloves--Cara-Lin
Blondie—Kung Fu Girls
Prissteens—Let Me Run Wild

*The Bon—Ancient Times [Mitzi's Sister 6/18 at 1 a.m.]
*The Ride Theory (Young Rival)—Great White Shark [June 20 at the El Mocambo.]
*King Khan and BBQ—Li'l Girl in the Wood [June 18 at the Horseshoe]
*Cattl—I’m Going Upside Your Head [June 20--between 2 and 4 p.m. in front of Hits and Misses Record Store and also that night at Silver Dollar.]
*Sadies—Intro/Cheat [June 19 – El Mocambo.]
*Simply Saucer—Instant Pleasure [June 20 - Reverb.]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's un-hummable.

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/9/2009: Bad news travels fast.

The Stoneage Hearts—Rock & Roll Girl
Dom Mariani—Too Late
*The Pointed Sticks--True Love
The Hex Dispensers—The Crone (99 Cats)
*The Fuzztones - Face of Time
Fuzztones on Larry King excerpt
The Fuzztones—Bad News Travels Fast
Sam Butera & the Witnesses—She’s a Kookamunger [RIP]

Les Krakmen—Krakmen Twist
Los Hurrances—El Calcetin [Total Troggs "From Home" rip-off.]
Wau Y Los Arrrghs—Dicen
Los Brincos—Hai Torto Tu [They're from Spain but I think they're singing in Italian here.]

Hendrix Radio One jingle
The Vampires—Fire
Purple Haze—Love is Fine
The Bacardis—This Time
*Les Sinners—Nice Try
The Briks--It’s Your Choice
Jefferson Airplane Levis ad
The Caliphs--Today, Tomorrow
*The Guess Who--Flying On the Ground is Wrong
*The Squires (w/ Neil Young)--I’ll Love You Forever
*Neil Young & Crazy Horse--Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [Live at the Fillmore East.]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drinkin' glogg, spo-dee-o-dee, drinkin' glogg.

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/2/2009: Swedish massage in the garage.

The Yum Yums--Be My Baby
The Backdoor Men--Goin’ Out Of My Mind
The Creeps--Down at the Nightclub
The Mainliners—She’s an Overdoze
The Crimson Shadows—When I’m Going Away
The Wylde Mammoths--Hooked
The Maharajas—Odd Socks
The Movements--We Want The Lot
The Watermelon Men—Back in My Dreams

The Mascots--The Winner
The Namelosers—That’s Allright
The Tages—The Man You’ll Be Looking For
The Other Side—Out My Light

*The Nomads—Hard to Cry
*Quiet Jungle--Ship of Dreams
*The Mods—New Breed (live)
*The Ugly—To Have Some Fun
*The Superstitions—Of Sound Mind
*The Von Drats—So Long Stinktown
*Les Dandys--Amour & Marriage
*The Nomads--That's My Girl