Wednesday, April 28, 2010

C'est une fille stupide

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/27/2010: A Bucketful of Beat

The Poppees--Jealousy
The Poppees—If She Cries
Utopia—I Just Want to Touch You
Herman's Hermits--Got a Feeling
Gerry & the Pacemakers—It’s Gonna Be Alright
The Kaisers—I Will

*JB & the Playboys--All My Loving
Les Merseys--Fille Stupide
*Jack London and the Sparows--If You Don’t Want My Love
*The Sparrow--Goin’ To California
*Terry Jacks--There's No Blood In Bone
*The Poppy Family--Evil Grows

*The Midways--Don’t You Know [Currently the soundtrack to an Austin Mini TV commercial!!!]
The Len Price 3--The Girl Who Became a Machine
The Solarflares--You Hear Drums
The Wildebeests--Save My Soul
Mondo Topless--Louise
Thee Fourgiven--Lost In The Beat
Girl Trouble--Work That Crowd
The Floyd Dakil Combo--Kitty Kitty [R.I.P. Floyd.]
*Les Merseys--She's Not There
The Garage Gods--Lost In Tyme

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My body's burnin' like-a lava from-a Eyjafjallajokull

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/20/2010: Hot Lava!

Thor’s Hammer--I Don’t Care
The B-52’s--Lava
*Suckerpunch--Cool Like A Lava Lamp
The Hoodoo Gurus—Leilani
The Summer Suns—Ash and Cinders
The Syn--Grounded
The Minimum Daily Requirements--I’m Grounded
The Volcanos--Eruption

*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Bennett Cerf
*The Leather Uppers--Bigger Than A Breadbox
*The Riff Randells--Bandanna
*The Laundronauts--Colour Fast Girl
*The White Wires--No Good For Me
*The Chains--Fortune Teller

The Wild Ones--Please
The Expressions--Return To Innocence
The Driving Wheels--She's Got Me Running
The Unwritten Law--Actions Speak Louder
The What's New--Get Away

The Roosters – Rosebush

Thanks to all our Friends of 89.5 donors for coming through last week, even though the transmitter crapped out on us at the 45 minute mark.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our way of giving

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/6/2010: Featuring a small Small Faces spotlight.

Booker T. and the MGs—Boot-Leg
The Drive-By Truckers--3 Dimes Down
*Real Gone--Sexual Disconnexual
*Mississippi Grover--Snakes In My House
*The Sadies--Food, Water, etc.

Small Faces LP ad
The Small Faces--It’s Too Late
Earthquake – Tin Soldier
The Small Faces—My Mind's Eye
The Small Faces--Grow Your Own
The Shimmys--What'cha Gonna Do About It

Georgie Fame & His Blue Flames—In the Meantime
The Fleshtones – Do You Swing?
Master's Apprentices Ford Cortina ad
The Master’s Apprentices--Undecided
The Frowning Clouds--I’m Sad
*The Liverpool Set--Oh Gee Girl
*The Barracudas--The Eleventh Hour
Plymouth Barracuda ad
The Hysterical Society--I Know
*The Smugglers--Luau!
*Luau Or Die--Surfin’ Asassin
*Huevos Rancheros--Diamond Head
Friends of CIUT drive starts today...see for details and $upport community radio!