Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I drew the line at Eddie & the Cruisers...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/28/2009: Assorted rockers & surfers, plus a Montreal preview.

Thee Mighty Uptight--If It’s All The Same To You
The Ace--Industrial Slit
Graham Day and the Gaolers--Turning You Down
*The Machines--What Have I Done
The Ugly Beats--Let Me Through
The Remains—Me Right Now
Thee Myspelled--Something New
The Mystreated--Sacred Stone

The Boys—Soda Pressing
Eddie & the Hot Rods—Teenage Depression
Eddie & the Showmen—Scratch
The Trashmen—Tube City
The Fantastic Baggys—Anywhere the Girls Are
The Pin-Ups--Lookin' for Boys

*Condition--Ghost Train
*Les Sequelles--Un Train
*Le Nombre--Montreal Serveuses Sexy
*Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners--High Voltage
*The Treble-Makers--It Came From Uranus
*BNA Act--Looking For Honey

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gettin' Ugly and Cynical

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/21/2009: Promoting this week's rilly big shew at the Horseshoe this Friday, 7/24--the Von Drats, the Primordials, the Ugly Beats, & the Cynics!

Marshall Crenshaw--Cynical Girl
The Cynics--Baby what’s Wrong
The Cynics--Don’t Tell Me I Know
The Cynics--These Streets
The Cynics--I Never Loved Her
The Cynics--Cry Cry Cry
*The Cynics—Nothing

*The Ugly Ducklings—She Ain’t No Use to Me,
*The Ugly—No Place to Go [Appearing this Thursday 7/23 with the Screwed at the Dakota Tavern.]
*Forbidden Dimension--Tall, Dark and Gruesome
*The Primordials—I Don't Want to Be Free
*The Von Drats—So Long Stinktown

The Ugly Beats--I’m The One
The Ugly Beats--Take A Stand
The Ugly Beats--I’ll Make You Happy
The Ugly Beats—Light Comes On
The Ugly Beats—KO'd
The Ugly Beats--I'm Gonna Break Her Heart
The Ugly Beats--Lonely Side of Town
* Cynics – And She Said Yeah

Also did a fill-in on Dementia 13

The Cynics—Beyond the Calico Wall

The Outlaws—Shake With Me
Deep Purple—Love Help Me
Captain Beyond--Dancing Madly Backwards
*Jenny Rock—Mal

*Long Time Comin'--Part Of The Season
*Les 409--They Say
*The Eternal Triangle--My New Love
*MG & the Escorts--I Just Can’t Go On
*Mock Duck--Do Re Mi

The Hustlers--If You Try
The Aardvarks--Subconscious Train of Thought
Orange Wedge--From the Womb to the Tomb
The Jelly Bean Bandits--Salesman
The Rogues Inc.--People Say

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I rocked with the Zombies last night...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/14/2009: The Zombies will be eating our brains at the Mod Club this evening...send more paramedics!

*Les Merseys--She’s Not There
The Zombies--The Look of Love (BBC Session)
Come On Time ["Bunny Lake is Missing" promo]
The Fastbacks--Just Out Of Reach
The Zombies--Kind of Girl
*Les Sextants--Seul ["I Remember When I Loved Her" en francais]
The Zombies--If It Don’t Work Out (demo)
*Les Bel Canto--Les Filles d'Eve ["She’s Not There" en francais]

"Incredibly Strange Creatures" trailer
The Zombies--What More Can I Do (BBC Session)
Sheffield's Gate--Tell Her No
*Les Sultans--Je T’aime Bien ["You Make Me Feel Good" en francais]
The Zombies--Indication
*Les Sultans--Dis-Lui ["Leave Me Be" en francais]
The Zombies—Got to Get a Hold of Myself

The Zombies--She Does Everything For Me
*Les Sultans--Tout Ira ["How We Were Before" en francais]
The Zombies--I Can’t Make Up My Mind
Date Records ad
The Thyme--Time Of The Season
The Zombies--Walking In The Sun (demo)
Rod Argent interview excerpt
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Zombie Compromise
The Zombies--I’m Going Home (BBC Session)

Also did a fill-in on Dementia 13:

The Zombies--A Love That Never Was
The Zombies--Smokey Day
The Zombies--Out of the Day
The Zombies--Hung Up On a Dream
*Les Sultans--Sois Mienne
*Les Sultans--Pour Qui Pourquoi

*Tomorrow's Keepsake -Elevator Operator
*49th Parallel--Close the Barn Door
*The Checkerlads--So Much in Love With You
*The Haunted--Searching for My Baby
*The Plague--Searchin'
The Hollies—Tomorrow When It Comes
The Rationals--Sunset
The Versatiles--Cyclothymia
The Cherry Smash—I Cannot Stop You
The She Trinity--Climb That Tree
The K-Pers--The Red Invasion
The Lost Agency--Time to Dream
Ann-Margret--You Turned My Head Around
The Flock—What Would You Do If the Sun Died

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

C'mon and get it on

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/7/2009: Detroiters, Squires, Baboons, Aussies, Canucks, and RIP to Drake Levin of the Raiders.

Death--Keep on Knockin’
The MC5--Poison
The Rationals—Feelin’ Lost
The Way-Outs--Goin’ All The Way
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers—Same All Over the World
The Squires—Oh No
*The Squires (w/ Neil Young)—The Sultan
*The Dream Syndicate—Cinnamon Girl
The Dream Syndicate—Still Holding On

The Stupid Baboons--Curls
The Booby Traps--Make It
The Persian Rugs—What’s a Girl Supposed to Do?
The Shimmys--Gotta Guy

*The Zamboni Drivers -Skatin' Ghost
*The Dead Ghosts—What to Do
*The Dundrells--Mr. Nasty
*Thee B-Sides—Zero (track 5 mongrel)
*UIC--Nashville Dreamin’
Paul Revere & the Raiders—Get It On [Oops...Groovy Gaven accidentally hit the eject button too soon!]

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sky-chotic Re-Saxons

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/30/2009: A Heaping Tablespoonful of Seedy Blues...RIP Sky Saxon. Plus some Can-Am action for Canada Day/July 4th.

The Seeds--Mr. Farmer
The Seeds--Satisfy You
Interview clip with Rodney Bingenheimer
The Seeds--Try to Understand
The Ramones—Can’t Seem to Make You Mine
KRLA Saturday Night Thing ad
The Seeds--Out of the Question
ALSAC concert ad
The Seeds—Bad Part of Town
Psych Out Ad
The Seeds--Tripmaker
Los Shains--No Hay Mas Quedar ["Pushin' Too Hard" en espanol.]
Vox Wah-Wah Pedal ad
The Seeds—A Thousand Shadows
*The Lost Patrol - No Escape

*The Young Canadians – No Escape
*The Tonics--I Hate Music
*The Nomads--Get Away from It All
The Nomads with Handsome Dick Manitoba--American Beat 2007
Nick Lowe—American Squirm
The Cramps--Garbage Man [Dedicated to T.O.'s striking trashmen.]
*THe Fastbacks--Won’t Have to Worry
*The Evaporators—Citizen Freak
*Huevos Rancheros – O Canada

We also filled in on Dementia 13...the perfect opportunity to play the Seeds' 14-minute magnum opus!

The Seeds--Evil Hoodoo
The Seeds--The Wind Blows Your Hair
The Seeds--Up in Her Room
The Seeds--Pictures and Designs
*Simple Simon & the Piemen--People of Time
*Eight Point Five--Casey's Mail Order Bride
*The Paper Dream--My Mind's Eye
*Expedition to Earth--Time Time Time
*The Stonemen--Faded Colors
*MG & the Escorts--A Someday Fool
The Seeds--The Flower Lady and Her Assistant
The Seeds--Girl I Want You
The Seeds--Chocolate River
The Ventures--Endless Dream [Belated R.I.P. to Bob Bogle.]