Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only Teenage Women need apply

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/16/2010: Runaway with the Irish.

Kim Fowley MC's and chats up my go-go galpal Melonie at the Las Vegas Rockaround, 2004.

The Runaways--I Love Playing With Fire
Kim Fowley "Underground Animal" LP ad
Kim Fowley--Young America Saturday Night
The Runaways—American Nights
Joan Jett--You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
The Runaways—Queens of Noise
Lita Ford—Run With the $
The Runaways—Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin
Kim Fowley--Astrology

The Belfast Gypsies--Secret Police
Them--Little Girl
*The Haunted--I Can Only Give You Everything
*The King-Beezz--Gloria
Ralph Station ID
*Ralph--Gloria Drank Dirty Water on Her Way to the 99th Floor

The Urges--Psych Ward
Thin Lizzy--Rocky
The Undertones--More Songs About Chocolate & Girls
*Teenage Head--Lucy Potato
*The Rabble--Black Potato
*The Sparrow--Green Bottle Lover
*The Green Hour Band--Intro

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