Friday, September 25, 2015

Do the Cuban Slide

Real Cool Time, 9/22/2015: I mean what the heck. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.


The Backdoor Men–Going Out of My Mind 
The Creeps—Ain’t No Square 
*The Ten Commandments–City Of People
*The Nomads–She Ain’t No Use To Me
*The Tell Tale Hearts–Just In Case You Wonder
*The Purple Toads--You're Gonna Miss Me

The Mergers—All I Can Do 
*Primordials—I Want Her Too
Gentlemen’s Agreements—Sock It to Me Baby

The Pretenders—Mystery Achievement
The Kinks—Heart of Gold
The Hollies—Blue in the Morning
Bobby Fuller Four—Take My Word
*The Mukluk People—Another Sad & Lonely Night 
The Beau Brummels—Still In Love With You
The Kichen Cinq–Still In Love With You
*Les Sequelles—Mieux vaut tard que jamais 
*Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion--The Comet

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Indescribably delicious

Real Cool Time, 9/15/2015: J.J. gives it to ya, and that's all. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

The Scorpions--Pictured Life
The Sonics--The Hard Way [Opened for Robert Plant this week!]
*The Boojies--Have Love Wil Travel
*The Great Scots—I’m On the Road Again
Led Zeppelin—We’re Gonna Groove
Janis Joplin concert ad 
Big Brother and the Holding Company—Combination Of the Two 
Mike Fornatale–High Flying Bird 
*Lost Patrol–I’m Not The One
Janis "Kozmic Blues" ad
Big Brother and the Holding Company—Catch Me Daddy

Donovan’s Brain–Selfish Modern
The Windbreakers—I Thought You Knew
The Rain Parade–Look Both Ways
The Alarm—Marching On [Mike Peters at Hugh's Room Thurs. 9/17.]
*Bloodshot Bill–Hey Norton
*The Diodes–Midnight Movie Star
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Siesta Cinema 
*The Kitchen Cinq--Codeine 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

They both got caught for cutting

Real Cool Time, 9/8/2015: Back to school special. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.


AC/DC – Problem Child [appearing at Downsview Park 9/10]

The Trashmen – Be True To Your School
*The White Wires—Be True to Your School (‘til You Get Kicked Out)
Fortune & Maltese–Stay In School spot (Konquer Kampus)
*The Evaporators—I Quit School
*The Evaporators– Hot Dog High
The MC5--Tonite
Ad: St. Agnes School Dance
The Sick Rose–High School
[Cheech and Chong–Sister Mary Elephant excerpt
The Ramones–The Return of Jackie and Judy
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet–Exit From Vince Lombardi High

Ad: Lulu Coke Homework
*Richie Knight and the Mid-Nights—Homework
*The Asteroids—Don’t Dig This Algebra
*David Clayton Thomas with the Bossmen--Brainwashed

Johnny Chan and the New Dynasty Six—I Want Action [see him front the Britemores at the Old Laurel this Sat. 9/12.]
The Detroit Cobras--Out of This World 
Gino Washington—Come Monkey With Me
Hysteric Narcotics – Monkey Bars
*Pow Wows—Traces, Rebel Stomp, You Haven’t Got Me Yet,

*New Horizzons (Above CD)—Building Our Brand

Bonus Dementia 13 emergency fill-in. Streaming link here.

The Diodes--Shape of Things to Come [They're at the Phoenix this Friday 9/11.]
Simple Simon and the Piemen--Anyhow
Simple Simon and the Piemen--People of Tyme
Expedition to Earth--Time Time Time
The Painted Ship--Frustration [demo]
The Midnight Angels--I'm Suffering
Purple Haze--Love is Fine
The Kinks--Lazy Old Sun [alt. vocal]
Dave Davies--Love Me 'til the Sun Shines [BBC]
The Hollies--Open Up Your Eyes
Led Zeppelin--Baby Come on Home
Keith Allison--Louise
The Motorcycle Abeline--You Used to Ride So High
Capt. Beefheart and His Magic Band--Zig Zag Wanderer
Johnny Winter--Birds Can't Row Boats
Faine Jade--It Ain't True
Luke and the Apostles--Been Burnt
The Merry-Go-Round--Listen, Listen
The Chymes--He's Not There Anymore

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Found planet

Real Cool Time, 9/3/2015: Misc. square headed persons. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

*49th Parallel--Labourer
Station ID: Fleshtones
The Fleshtones–Back To School
*Teenage Head—You’re Tearing Me Apart
*The Purple Toads—40 Pounder Blues
Barrence Whitfield and the Savages--Incarceration Casserole 
The Sparkles–No Friend Of Mine 
Datura4–You Ain’t No Friend of Mine

Baby Woodrose–You Better Run
The New Picadillys–If You Don’t Come Back   
The Kaisers—The Mighty Atom
The Felines–Meeker Joe
The Thunderbolts--Lost Planet
*Mark Sultan--I’ll Be Lovin’ You 

L7 – Shove [Appearing at the Danforth this Sunday, 9/6.]
*The Curse--Raw [Oops.]
The Squares--Curse of the Squares Intro
*The Midways–He Was A Square 
*The Sparrow--Square Headed People 
The Cavemen–It’s Trash
*M2 + AC – Il Ne Sert Plus A Rien [Baby Blue en francais.]