Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fame makes a man take things over

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/9/2010: The 2010 Hall of Famers who matter, plus some Chilean garage.

The Stooges--Real Cool Time [alt. take]
Stooges St. Louis concert ad
Iggy & the Stooges—Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
The Stooges--No Fun ["full version," but truncated for space reasons.]
*The Demics--I Got A Right
Green Circles--1969
*Guess Who--You Know He Did
The Hollies—I’ve Got a Way of My Own
The Hollies--She Gives Me Everything I Want
The Hollies--King Midas in Reverse

Los Jockers--Yo Te Quiero
Los Beat 4--La Verdad Esta Aqui
Los Vidrios Quebrados--Ficciones
Los Pussycats--No Voy A Ir A Tu Fiesta
Los Mac's--El amor despues de los 20 anos

*Los Grimm--Viaje En La Alfombra Magica ["Magic Carpet Ride" en espanol.]
*Mass Assembly--People Turn Me On
*Broken Bricks--Need You Here
*The James Clark Institute – The World I Used To Live In
*The Hoa Hoa’s--Hey Joe [Appearing at the Optical Sound showcase on March 13 at the Comfort Zone.]

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