Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You cain't hide your violet eyes

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/29/2011:  Elizabeth Taylor tribute--not an easy thing to accomplish when there are no rock and roll songs about her that we know of, but we tried.

The Bobby Fuller Four—My True Love
The Spiders--Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Television Personalities--Where's Bill Grundy Now?
The Sleepwalkers–Elizabeth 
Kari-Lynn--Cleo Cleopatra
Ernie Bender and the Robbins—Cleopatra
*Fuad and the Feztones--Valley of the Kings
*MAOW –Woman’s Scorn 
*The Deadcats – Catusi

The Greenhornes–Left The World Behind [Appearing at the Horseshoe this Sunday, April 3.]
The Greenhornes–High Time Baby
*Grant Smith and the Power--Keep On Running
The Animals–I’m Gonna Change the World
*Please Feed The Animals – I’m Crying
*Les Merseys – C.C. Rider

*Ugly Ducklings – Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart
Vagrants—I Love You, Yes I Do
The Rascals--Come On Up
*Wilson Pickett–Born To Be Wild
Paul Revere and the Raiders–Steppin’ Out
David Clayton Thomas--Brainwashed

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meeting Julie Ocean Under the Boardwalk

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/22/2011:  Miscellany with some instro action at the end.  Oh, and check out , will ya?  You won't regret it.



*Michael Rault and the Mixed Signals--Sold, You're Mine [Appears at the Phoenix March 26.]

Andy Starr—Give Me a Woman
*Rudy Hayden and the Country Boys—Want Me a Woman
*Christian D and the Hangovers--Good Woman [Appearing at the East End Rockabilly Riot at the Dominion on Queen this Saturday, 3/26.]
*The Purple Toads--Lie Beg Borrow or Steal
*The Leather Uppers—Wizard’s Castle

UFO–Lights Out
The Undertones—Under the Boardwalk
The Undertones—Julie Ocean,
Earth Quake–Julie Anne [RIP John Doukas.]
The Dickies—Pretty Ballerina
The Black Hollies—Hamilton Park Ballerina
The Bit A Sweet—Is It Off, Is It On
The Vagrants—Oh Those Eyes

The Fleshtones—Comin’ Home Baby
The Shadows—Stingray [RIP Jet Harris.]
*Huevos Rancheros–Shadow of the Apache
*Huevos Rancheros–Raunchy
*Evan Kemp’s Trail Riders—Midnight Ryder

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Irish Ides Are Marching

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/15/2011:  We do the Sham Rock.


The Velvet Illusions–Velvet Illusions

The Ides Of March--Life Has Been So Good
The Ides Of March-I'll Keep Searching
Peggy March—Too Long Away
April March—Bust Out
*The Pointed Sticks--Marching Song
*Cesar et les Romains--Egg Roll

The Royal Teens—Sham Rock
The Shamrocks—La La La
The Shamrocks—Midnight Train
Buddy & the Shamrocks—What Kinda Man
The Undertones--I Gotta Getta
The Urges—Curse It All
The Revellions—Down on Your Luck

*John Kay and the Sparrow--Green Bottle Lover
*Les Sultans—Tu es impossible ["I Can Only Give You Everything" en francais.]
*The King-Beez--Gloria
Shadows of Knight Potato Chip ad
*King Khan and His Shrines—Mashed Potato Itch
*The Rabble—Black Potato
*The Tonics–Green Theme

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outsiders looking in

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/8/2011: Memoirs of a lost weekend.

The Dictators—Weekend
The Lovin’ Spoonful—Alley Oop
*Les Sextant–La liberte de choisir ["Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind" en francais.]
The Lovin' Spoonful--Younger Girl [demo]
The Gripweeds—Embraces
Mike Fornatale--Go to Her
*The BNA Act – Joe Cool

*Jenny Rock—Le Train pour Memphis
The Outsiders--Time Won’t Let Me
The Outsiders—Remind Me
The Outsiders–The Guy With the Long Liverpool Hair 
Roy Head and the Traits—Live It Up
The Swingin' Neckbreakers--Live for Buzz
Lord Luther—Thinking Man’s Girl

The Sonics–Cinderella
*The Pointed Sticks–The Witch
*Teenage Head--Bonerack
*The Subhumans–Urban Guerrilla
*Les Breastfeeders--Laisse autant le vent tout emporter [Appearing at the El Mocambo, Friday, March 11.]
*The Modern Superstitions–Boy in Black [March 10 at Horseshoe.]

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banke Deposit

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/1/2011: Left Banke reunion, plus recent deaths in the family.

Don Shinn & The Soul Agents--A-Minor Explosion
Left Banke Coke ad
The Left Banke—Lazy Day
Left Banke Hertz ad
*Les Faucons--Je ne peux plus rien sans toi, Renee ["Walk Away Renee" en francais.]
Left Banke Toni ad
The Left Banke—She May Call You Up Tonight
The Jam—That’s Entertainment [alt. take]
Groovy Uncle--Old Peculiar
The Offhooks--Pass The Time 
Noon Express--Flashback

*The Demics – Get Me To The World On Time
The Electric Prunes—Hideaway [R.I.P. Mark Tulin.]
? and the Mysterians—Upside [R.I.P. Eddie Serrato.]
Bob Dylan—Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance [R.I.P. Suze Rotolo.]
Eddie Kirkland—The Grunt [Yep, R.I.P. yet again.]

*The Asexuals – Time Will Tell 
*Dany Laj – Oh Dear
*Kevin Kane--No Photographs
*The Chessmen--Time Machine 
*The Chessmen–There’s No Blood In Bone
*The Poppy Family–There’s No Blood In Bone