Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe it's the best thing for you

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/30/2010: Spotlights on Jim McCarty (appeared on CIUT's own Take 5 program this week and at Hugh's Room last night), Johnny Maestro (R.I.P.), and various other maestri.

*The Polymorphines--Wicked Woman
Surf Detergent ad
*The Laundronauts--Shut Your Lint Trap
*Ralph--Billy Fury
Billy Fury--Turn My Back
*The Boojies--Maddy

Yardbirds Great Shakes ad
The Yardbirds--Rack My Mind
*The Demics--Lost Woman Blues
*Lost Patrol--Mr. You’re A Better Man Than I
The Detroit Cobras--Putty In Your Hands
The Canary Sect--Stroll On
The Human Beinz--Evil Hearted You
*The Boy From Nowhere--Heart Full of Soul

The Plimsouls--A Million Miles Away (live)
The Nerves—When You Find Out (live)
The Bongos--Nuts and Bolts
James Mastro--Angel In My Pocket
Brooklyn Bridge H.I.S. ad
The Crests—Pretty Little Angel
Brooklyn Bridge Coke ad
Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge—Inside Out, Upside Down
? & the Mysterians—Smokes (live)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If he died in Memphis wouldn't that be cool

The Replacements--Alex Chilton
*The Asexuals—Turn Life to a Song
*Eugene Ripper—Tech Know Me (tr 3)
*The Deadcats--Going Down To memphis
*Barry Boyd & the Frantics—Goin’ Home to Memphis
*Jenny Rock—Le train pour Memphis
*Les Miserables—Une lettre
*Les Sultans—The Letter

Box Tops Coke ad
The Box Tops—Happy Times
Big Star--O My Soul
Big Star--In the Street (live rehearsal)
The Box Tops--You Keep Tightening Up On Me
Big Star--September Gurls (live rehearsal)

Big Star--Thank You Friends
Alex Chilton--Bangkok
Big Star--Back of a Car
Box Tops Coke ad
The Box Tops--Turn on a Dream
Big Star--When My Baby’s Beside Me
Big Star--She’s A Mover
Alex Chilton and the Posies--S-L-U-T

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only Teenage Women need apply

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/16/2010: Runaway with the Irish.

Kim Fowley MC's and chats up my go-go galpal Melonie at the Las Vegas Rockaround, 2004.

The Runaways--I Love Playing With Fire
Kim Fowley "Underground Animal" LP ad
Kim Fowley--Young America Saturday Night
The Runaways—American Nights
Joan Jett--You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
The Runaways—Queens of Noise
Lita Ford—Run With the $
The Runaways—Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin
Kim Fowley--Astrology

The Belfast Gypsies--Secret Police
Them--Little Girl
*The Haunted--I Can Only Give You Everything
*The King-Beezz--Gloria
Ralph Station ID
*Ralph--Gloria Drank Dirty Water on Her Way to the 99th Floor

The Urges--Psych Ward
Thin Lizzy--Rocky
The Undertones--More Songs About Chocolate & Girls
*Teenage Head--Lucy Potato
*The Rabble--Black Potato
*The Sparrow--Green Bottle Lover
*The Green Hour Band--Intro

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fame makes a man take things over

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/9/2010: The 2010 Hall of Famers who matter, plus some Chilean garage.

The Stooges--Real Cool Time [alt. take]
Stooges St. Louis concert ad
Iggy & the Stooges—Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
The Stooges--No Fun ["full version," but truncated for space reasons.]
*The Demics--I Got A Right
Green Circles--1969
*Guess Who--You Know He Did
The Hollies—I’ve Got a Way of My Own
The Hollies--She Gives Me Everything I Want
The Hollies--King Midas in Reverse

Los Jockers--Yo Te Quiero
Los Beat 4--La Verdad Esta Aqui
Los Vidrios Quebrados--Ficciones
Los Pussycats--No Voy A Ir A Tu Fiesta
Los Mac's--El amor despues de los 20 anos

*Los Grimm--Viaje En La Alfombra Magica ["Magic Carpet Ride" en espanol.]
*Mass Assembly--People Turn Me On
*Broken Bricks--Need You Here
*The James Clark Institute – The World I Used To Live In
*The Hoa Hoa’s--Hey Joe [Appearing at the Optical Sound showcase on March 13 at the Comfort Zone.]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's All Turn On

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/2/2010: Aussies & Merseys & Tommys, oh my.

The Intercontinental Playboys--Just Turn On
The Hoodoo Gurus--Let’s All Turn On
The Persian Rugs--St. Peter's Infirmary
The Stoneage Hearts--Kimberly
The Green Circles--Black Vinyl Heart
The Shimmys – Don’t Slander Me
*The Primordials--I Want Her To
Easybeats Coke ad
*Les Hou-Lops--Vendredi M’obsede ["Friday On My Mind" en francais.]
*Les Merseys--Je suis las [La-la-la-Lies en francais.]
*The Tonics--You Got To Me
*Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals--Justine [Appearing at the Rivoli this Saturday, 3/7!]

Nancy Sit—Hanky Panky
Tommy James H.I.S. ad
Tommy James & the Shondells--Say I Am
*Boyce's Road--I Think We're Alone Now
Tommy James Real Girl cosmetics ad
Tommy James & the Shondells--Mirage
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts--Crimson & Clover
Tommy James "Travelin'" LP ad
Tommy James—Sugar on Sunday
? & the Mysterians—Do Something to Me
*The Metalunas--Thunderbolt
Tommy James & the Shondells--Soul Searchin’ Baby