Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Windmills of Your Mind

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/20/2007: Dutch Treat

The Zipps—Kicks and Chicks
The Q-65—I Despise You [listed as "despice" on our record!]
*The Gruesomes--Cry In The Night
*The Gruesomes--Won’t You Listen
The Outsiders—That’s Your Problem
Lyres w/Wally Tax--Touch

The Motions--Who’ll Save My Soul
Cuby & the Blizzards--Your Body But Not Your Soul
The Shocking Blue--Long And Lonesome Road
The Golden Earrings—Chunk of Steel
Johnny Kendall & the Heralds--Girl
Klungels—Dat had ik nog nooit gedaan
The Sandy Coast—Subject of My Thoughts
The Waistcoats--She Just Satisfies

*The Kliek--It’s My Pride
*The Kliek--Clock On The Wall
Kek 66--Once Before
*The One Two Five--1-2-5
*The Haunted—Twist
*Jenny Rock--Mal

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