Sunday, May 4, 2008

January Jones

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/8/2008: Themeless

Generation X--Ready, Steady, Go

The Jam--Sounds From The Street
The Boys--Brickfield Nights
The Len Price 3--With Your Love
The Bongos--Video Eyes
Radio Birdman--Burn My Eye
*The Nomads--Been Burnt
*The Buffalo Springfield--Been Burned
The Everly Brothers—Mr. Soul

Fabienne Del Sol - Loot
Mariska Veres—Is het waar ["Is It True" in Dutch
The Detroit Cobras – Puppet On A String
*Jenny Rock—Noir c’est noir ["Black is Black" en francais]

The Dictators--Stay With Me
*The Spaceshits--Backseat Boogie
*King Khan & BBQ--Fish Fight
*King Khan & His Shrines--Land of the Freak
The Mean Things--Out Come The Freaks
Wau y Los Arrrghs!— Momia Twist

Bo Diddley--Don’t Let It Go

Other January shows that somehow didn't get archived:


Flamin Groovies--Jumpin’ in the Night

Sneakers--Condition Red
The Db’s--Bad Reputation
Ad: BNG Pie Commercial
The Windbreakers--Runnin’ Out of Time
Game Theory--The Real Sheila
The Loud Family--Idiot Son
Let’s Active--Every Dog Has His Day

* Suckerpunch--One Dog’s Gonna Die
* The 905’s--Sucker Punch
* UIC--Do You Wanna Go?
* Blue Oyster Cult--Born To Be Wild
* The Prmordials--I Take What I Want
*Huevos Rancheros--Gump Worsley’s Lament

The Monks—That’s My Girl
The Five Torquays--There She Walks
Wanda Jackson—Cool Love
Gene Vincent—Woman Love
Wes Dakus & the Club 93 Rebels--El Ringo

1/14/2008 Dementia 13 fill-in

The Monks--It’s Monk Time

*The Dewline--Ode To A Cucumber, A Berry And A Flower
*Plastic Cloud--Epistle To Paradise
*Les Lutins—Je Cherche
*The Guess Who--Gonna Search
*The Plague--Searchin’
*The Haunted—Searching for My Baby

Del Shannon—Keep Searchin’
The Shakemakers—Searchin’ for Shake
Alan Pound's Get Rich—Searchin’ in the Wilderness
The Searchers—Second Hand Dealer

The Stoics--Hate
Moby Grape—Murder in My Heart for the Judge
Los Saicos--Fugitivo De Alcatraz
The Humane Society—Eternal Prison
The Lemon Fog--The Prisoner
The Gisha Brothers—Prisoner of the Beat
The Standells—Have You Ever Spent the Night in Jail

*Les Soundtrack--Ce soir c'est ma fete ["Birthday" en francais]

1/1/2008--Happy New Year Hangover (Perhaps our finest hour, or rather two hours--pity the burning computer at the station was on the fritz that day! Lotsa beer and liquor ads were woven throughout--including Ballantine, Budweiser, Hamm's, Utica Club, Cream for Falstaff, Lena Horne for Schaefer, Nat King Cole for Rheingold and Italian Swiss Colony...hiccup!)

Tony Rodelle Larson—Bear Rug
*The Machines—Soaking My Brain
*The Purple Toads—40 Pounder Blues
*The Glads—My Baby Likes to Get Smashed
Nikki Corvette & the Hell on Heels--What A Way To Die
*Teenage Head—Kissin’ the Carpet
The Diaboliks—Hangover Head
Sammy Davis Jr.--Alka Seltzer ad
*Max Webster--Hangover

Three Aces & a Joker—Booze Party
The Lushes—Drunken Guitar
Corky Jones—Rhythm & Booze
The Orangutones—Gotta Get Drunk
*Real Gone--Better When You’re Drunk
Nancy Sit--Fever

The Mortals—Atomic Cocktail
The Epics—On the Rocks
Neanderthals--Too Many Nights in a Gin Mill
*The Smugglers--Bourbon ‘92
Johnny Otis & His Orchestra—Happy New Year Baby
*Les Sequelles – Un Scotch SVP

Charles Brown—Bringin’ in a Brand New Year
*King Khan & BBQ—Waddlin’ Around
*Les Sexareenos—Wild Wild Wild
*The Secrets—Shout
*Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals —Sure is Fun
*The Primordials—I’m Gonna Have My Fun
*The Midways—The More You Take

Malcolm Yelvington—Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Bobby Fuller 4--Wine Wine Wine
The Fastbacks—Beaujoulais the Beat
The Woggles--Mad Dog 20/20
The Gories--Thunderbird ESQ
The Casual-aires—Thunderbird
Jim Backus & Friend—Delicious
Mae West--My New Year’s Resolutions
T.C. Jones--Champagne Cocktail

The Church Keys—Church Key Stomp
The A-bones—Daddy Wants a Cold Beer
Mono Men—Pisswater
Untamed Youth—Beer Belly Baby
*Huevos Rancheros--Trouble a Brewin’

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