Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who was that man, I'd like to shake his hand...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/11/2007: Bomp Tribute Pt. 1
Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/18/2007: Bomp Tribute Pt. 2

Couldn't help but celebrate the release of the book.

Part 1

The Romantics--First In Line
The Flamin’ Groovies--You Tore Me Down
The Breakaways--One Way Ticket
The Plimsouls--Million Miles Away
*The Pointed Sticks--Apoligies
The Mystery Machine--She’s Not Mine
*b-Girls--Fun At The Beach

The United States Of Existence--Return To The Psychedelic
The Things--Can’t Get Enough
The Vertebrats--Left In The Dark
The Slickee Boys--Glendora/Going All The Way
The Miracle Workers--Already Gone
The Stooges--I Got A Right
DMZ--Intro/The First Time

*Les Sinners--Nice Try
*The Good Feeling--Tale Of A Man
*Les Lutins--Laissez-nous Vivre
*The Shondels--Every Day, Every Night
*The Haunted--Shake

Part 2
Stiv Bators--L.A. L.A.
Wombats--Utter Frustration
Nikki & the Corvettes—He’s a Mover
The Weirdos--Life Of Crime
The Zeros--Beat Your Heart Out
*The Barracudas--Somewhere Outside
The Poppees--Jealousy

The Pete Best Four--The Way I Feel About You
*The Quid—Wrong Line
*The Free For All--Show Me The Way
*It’s All Meat--Feel It
Teddy & His Patches--Suzy Creamcheese

The Embrooks--Not A Priority
The Vipers--Nothing's From Today
*The Tell-tale Hearts--Just In Case You Wonder
The Pandoras—Why
*The Milky Ways--Guillotine
*Plan 9--Frustration

Ike & Tina Turner--It’s Gonna Work Out Fine [R.I.P.--he'd died a couple days before.]