Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To fathom hell or soar angelic

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/6/2008: Thanks for the Acids--R.I.P. Albert Hofmann

Baker Knight & the Knightmares--Hallucination
The Electric Prunes--I Had Too Much To Dream
Psychedelic Circus ad
*The Demics--Get Me To The World On Time
Carnation Instant Breakfast ad
Super Band—Acid Indigestion
Trips Festival ad
Godfrey--The Trip
The Trip ad
Donovan--The Trip
Dragnet Anti-LSD PSA with Harry Morgan and Jack Webb
The Smoke--My Friend Jack (alt. take)
Animals concert announcement
Eric Burdon & the Animals--A Girl Called Sandoz

Nardwuar vs. Timothy Leary
*The British Modbeats--LSD
Ravi Shankar anti-drug PSA
*Quiet Jungle--Ship of Dreams
It's Camp club ad
*The Orange Alabaster Mushroom--Space and Time
Search It Out ad
*The Ugly Ducklings—Postman’s Fancy
*Les Sinners—Candid Colour Countdown

News flash--Hippie mother kills baby on LSD
The Lunachicks--Babysitters On Acid
News flash--Aircraft worker crashes on LSD
The Creatures of the Golden Dawn—Acid Test
*Stu Mitchell--ACID
Mad Violets--(I Want to Come Back) From The World of LSD
Wendell Austin--LSD Made A Wreck Of Me

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