Friday, May 2, 2008

Ode to a Black Man

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/5/2008: Black Rock & Roll

Ike Turner--Rocket 88

Chuck Berry--School Days
Esquerita—Rockin’ the Joint
Little Richard--Heeby-Jeebies
Larry Williams—The Dummy
* Les Hou-lops--Boney Maronie
* Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals--Justine
Richard Berry--Louie Louie

*The Ugly Ducklings—Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
*The Gruesomes—Unchain My Heart
*Soeurs Malette--La Premier Fois [Back in My Arms Again en francais]
*The Demics—Seven and 7 Is
Love--And More

*The Haunted – Vapeur Mauve [Purple Haze en francais]
Jimi Hendrix BBC Radio One jingle
The Jimi Hendrix Experience—Burning of the Midnight Lamp
The Chambers Brothers – In The Midnight Hour
The Equals— My Life Ain’t Easy
The Dirtbombs—Ode to a Black Man

Thin Lizzy--Johnny

And here are a couple of playlists for February shows that weren't archived:

Dementia 13 Fill-in, 2/18/2008

Nova Local--Games
The Game—The Addicted Man
The Morning Reign--Satisfaction Guaranteed
Mouse and the Traps—I Satisfy
The Standells--Try It
The E-Types—She Moves Me
The Chocolate Watchband—No Way Out
The Shaynes – From My Window
* Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck--Somebody Think
* The Shondells—Don’t Put Me Down
*Portland Street South--You've Been Running So Long
*BNA Act—Don’t Run Away
Tommy James and the Shondells--Sweet Cherry Wine
*The Metalunas—Thunderbolt
*The Plague--Only In America
The Electric Prunes--Hey Mr. President
The Boss Five--Please Mr. President
*The Poppy Family—Evil Overshadows Joe
Sly Stone—I Just Learned to Swim
Booker T & the MGs—Boot-leg

Real Cool Time, 2/19/2008

The Lolas--I Can't Stand It
Ad: Lolas--In My Car
Stumpy Joe--Daydreams
The Posies--Dream All Day
Bram Tchaikovsky--Girl Of My Dreams
The Cake—World of Dreams
The Pretty Things—Walking Through My Dreams
The Sound Sandwich—Apothecary Dreams
Stiv Bators—I Had Too Much to Dream

*The Stupes—American Bandstand
*The Young Canadians—Automan
*The Tonics—I Hate Music
*Stand GT – Choke
*The Pointed Sticks—Marching Song
*The Smugglers—What do You Want Me to Do
*Bum—Mrs. Rock & Roll

The Bad Brains – House of Suffering
Screamin’ Joe Neal—She’s My Baby
Bo Diddley—I’m Looking for a Woman
Barrence Whitfield – Rocking the Mule in Kansas
Replacements – Black Diamond

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