Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrill Building

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/25/2011:  Don Kirshner Tribute.

Bertell Dache—Not Just Tomorrow But Always
The Cinderellas—Please Don’t Wake Me
The Neanderthals—I Go Ape
The Hollies—Honey and Wine
Del Shannon Pepsi ad
Del Shannon—Kicks
The Myddle Class—I Happen to Love You

*The Tonics – You Got To Me
Neil Diamond Coke ad
Monkees ad
*Les Sextants--Ils aiment la vie ["I’m A Believer" en francais.]
Monkees Kool Aid/Nerf ad
Monkee Tripper announcement
The Monkees--Words
Thom McAn Monkee Boots ad
*Les Macchabees--Je t'aime trop [“Steppin’ Stone” en francais.]
Monkees Kellogg's ad
The Rising Sons—Take a Giant Step
The Archies—Jingle Jangle

*The Rolling Stones--I’m Movin’ On
*Les Miserables--Elle me dit ["Tell Me" en francais.]
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band--Vambo Pt. 1
*The Guess Who--No Time
*The Mandala—Love-itis
*Steppenwolf--Hey Lawdy Mama
The Ramones--Glad To See You Go
Blondie--In the Sun

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