Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Things Weird

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/18/2011: Weirdsville baby, etc.

The Weirdos–Life of Crime

The Wee Four–Weird 
Scum of the Earth trailer
Bob Vidone and The Rhythm Rockers–Weird 
The Stomachmouths--Something Weird
The Lime Spiders--Weirdo Lidido
The Wild Thing--Weird Hot Nights 
Tommy Falcone and the Centuries--Like, Weird

Bob Seger and The Last Heard – Vagrant Winter
Bob Seger Air Force ad
*UIC – 2+ 2 = ?
*Les Miserables–Western Union 
*The Guess Who–Love Is All Around
Troggs H.I.S. ad
The Troggs—Lover

The Otherside--Streetcar
The Wildflower—Baby Dear
The Ban--Place Of Sin 
The Harbinger Complex--I Think I’m Down
*Les Merseys–Tu es la plus jolie
*Les Hou-Lops–Parents de la Terre [If I Were a Carpenter en francais.]
*Danny Laj—The Match [Appearing at the Local this Saturday, 1/22.  Get his 12" e.p. from Boppa Do Down Records at Frantic City, 799 Queen West.]
*Neil Young and the Squires–Aurora
*The Deadcats--Wray-Gun

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