Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bustin' out some Michael Bolton!

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/11/2011: Yep, it's come to this. 

Nah, don't worry--we refer not to the bombastic belter, but rather the former UFO guitarist with the same name.  Yet not before a whole mess of beer, fuzz, and international girl pop.

The Untamed Youth—What’ll You Have

Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers--Emulsified
Troggs Miller beer ad
The Troggs—Girl In Black
The Merry-Go-Round—Listen Listen
The Primitives—Thru the Flowers
The Daughters of Eve—Help Me Boy
Eiko Shuri—Ye-Ye
Sheila—A La Meme Heure [Sonny Bono's "Laugh At Me" en francais.]

*Les Blue Sisters—Il va t’aimer
*Les Bises—Tu as tour ce que j’aime d’un garcon
*Jenny Rock—Contrat d’amour
*Les Five Bells—V’la L’Bon Vent
*JB and The Playboys—Treat Me Specially
*Mashmakhan – Dance A Little Step

Black Sabbath--Tomorrow’s Dream
The Dickies—Paranoid
Blue Oyster Cult--Donovan’s Monkey
The Hitmen--Don’t Fear The Reaper
*The Nomads--Hard to Cry

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