Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sky-chotic Re-Saxons

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/30/2009: A Heaping Tablespoonful of Seedy Blues...RIP Sky Saxon. Plus some Can-Am action for Canada Day/July 4th.

The Seeds--Mr. Farmer
The Seeds--Satisfy You
Interview clip with Rodney Bingenheimer
The Seeds--Try to Understand
The Ramones—Can’t Seem to Make You Mine
KRLA Saturday Night Thing ad
The Seeds--Out of the Question
ALSAC concert ad
The Seeds—Bad Part of Town
Psych Out Ad
The Seeds--Tripmaker
Los Shains--No Hay Mas Quedar ["Pushin' Too Hard" en espanol.]
Vox Wah-Wah Pedal ad
The Seeds—A Thousand Shadows
*The Lost Patrol - No Escape

*The Young Canadians – No Escape
*The Tonics--I Hate Music
*The Nomads--Get Away from It All
The Nomads with Handsome Dick Manitoba--American Beat 2007
Nick Lowe—American Squirm
The Cramps--Garbage Man [Dedicated to T.O.'s striking trashmen.]
*THe Fastbacks--Won’t Have to Worry
*The Evaporators—Citizen Freak
*Huevos Rancheros – O Canada

We also filled in on Dementia 13...the perfect opportunity to play the Seeds' 14-minute magnum opus!

The Seeds--Evil Hoodoo
The Seeds--The Wind Blows Your Hair
The Seeds--Up in Her Room
The Seeds--Pictures and Designs
*Simple Simon & the Piemen--People of Time
*Eight Point Five--Casey's Mail Order Bride
*The Paper Dream--My Mind's Eye
*Expedition to Earth--Time Time Time
*The Stonemen--Faded Colors
*MG & the Escorts--A Someday Fool
The Seeds--The Flower Lady and Her Assistant
The Seeds--Girl I Want You
The Seeds--Chocolate River
The Ventures--Endless Dream [Belated R.I.P. to Bob Bogle.]

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