Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gettin' Ugly and Cynical

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/21/2009: Promoting this week's rilly big shew at the Horseshoe this Friday, 7/24--the Von Drats, the Primordials, the Ugly Beats, & the Cynics!

Marshall Crenshaw--Cynical Girl
The Cynics--Baby what’s Wrong
The Cynics--Don’t Tell Me I Know
The Cynics--These Streets
The Cynics--I Never Loved Her
The Cynics--Cry Cry Cry
*The Cynics—Nothing

*The Ugly Ducklings—She Ain’t No Use to Me,
*The Ugly—No Place to Go [Appearing this Thursday 7/23 with the Screwed at the Dakota Tavern.]
*Forbidden Dimension--Tall, Dark and Gruesome
*The Primordials—I Don't Want to Be Free
*The Von Drats—So Long Stinktown

The Ugly Beats--I’m The One
The Ugly Beats--Take A Stand
The Ugly Beats--I’ll Make You Happy
The Ugly Beats—Light Comes On
The Ugly Beats—KO'd
The Ugly Beats--I'm Gonna Break Her Heart
The Ugly Beats--Lonely Side of Town
* Cynics – And She Said Yeah

Also did a fill-in on Dementia 13

The Cynics—Beyond the Calico Wall

The Outlaws—Shake With Me
Deep Purple—Love Help Me
Captain Beyond--Dancing Madly Backwards
*Jenny Rock—Mal

*Long Time Comin'--Part Of The Season
*Les 409--They Say
*The Eternal Triangle--My New Love
*MG & the Escorts--I Just Can’t Go On
*Mock Duck--Do Re Mi

The Hustlers--If You Try
The Aardvarks--Subconscious Train of Thought
Orange Wedge--From the Womb to the Tomb
The Jelly Bean Bandits--Salesman
The Rogues Inc.--People Say

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