Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I rocked with the Zombies last night...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/14/2009: The Zombies will be eating our brains at the Mod Club this evening...send more paramedics!

*Les Merseys--She’s Not There
The Zombies--The Look of Love (BBC Session)
Come On Time ["Bunny Lake is Missing" promo]
The Fastbacks--Just Out Of Reach
The Zombies--Kind of Girl
*Les Sextants--Seul ["I Remember When I Loved Her" en francais]
The Zombies--If It Don’t Work Out (demo)
*Les Bel Canto--Les Filles d'Eve ["She’s Not There" en francais]

"Incredibly Strange Creatures" trailer
The Zombies--What More Can I Do (BBC Session)
Sheffield's Gate--Tell Her No
*Les Sultans--Je T’aime Bien ["You Make Me Feel Good" en francais]
The Zombies--Indication
*Les Sultans--Dis-Lui ["Leave Me Be" en francais]
The Zombies—Got to Get a Hold of Myself

The Zombies--She Does Everything For Me
*Les Sultans--Tout Ira ["How We Were Before" en francais]
The Zombies--I Can’t Make Up My Mind
Date Records ad
The Thyme--Time Of The Season
The Zombies--Walking In The Sun (demo)
Rod Argent interview excerpt
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Zombie Compromise
The Zombies--I’m Going Home (BBC Session)

Also did a fill-in on Dementia 13:

The Zombies--A Love That Never Was
The Zombies--Smokey Day
The Zombies--Out of the Day
The Zombies--Hung Up On a Dream
*Les Sultans--Sois Mienne
*Les Sultans--Pour Qui Pourquoi

*Tomorrow's Keepsake -Elevator Operator
*49th Parallel--Close the Barn Door
*The Checkerlads--So Much in Love With You
*The Haunted--Searching for My Baby
*The Plague--Searchin'
The Hollies—Tomorrow When It Comes
The Rationals--Sunset
The Versatiles--Cyclothymia
The Cherry Smash—I Cannot Stop You
The She Trinity--Climb That Tree
The K-Pers--The Red Invasion
The Lost Agency--Time to Dream
Ann-Margret--You Turned My Head Around
The Flock—What Would You Do If the Sun Died

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