Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drinkin' glogg, spo-dee-o-dee, drinkin' glogg.

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/2/2009: Swedish massage in the garage.

The Yum Yums--Be My Baby
The Backdoor Men--Goin’ Out Of My Mind
The Creeps--Down at the Nightclub
The Mainliners—She’s an Overdoze
The Crimson Shadows—When I’m Going Away
The Wylde Mammoths--Hooked
The Maharajas—Odd Socks
The Movements--We Want The Lot
The Watermelon Men—Back in My Dreams

The Mascots--The Winner
The Namelosers—That’s Allright
The Tages—The Man You’ll Be Looking For
The Other Side—Out My Light

*The Nomads—Hard to Cry
*Quiet Jungle--Ship of Dreams
*The Mods—New Breed (live)
*The Ugly—To Have Some Fun
*The Superstitions—Of Sound Mind
*The Von Drats—So Long Stinktown
*Les Dandys--Amour & Marriage
*The Nomads--That's My Girl

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