Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As aware as YOU are

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/26/2009: The Chicago, Detroit, and Canadian Ways of Death.

The Modern Lovers--Foggy Notion

Male M1 Shop ad
The Foggy Notions--Need A Little Lovin'
The In-Sound with the Chicago Loop
The Counts—Stop Cheating on Me
Buckinghams jukebox ad
The Buckinghams—Don’t Want to Cry
Michael & the Messengers—Lips Don’t Mean Nothin’
Chicago Tribune ad
The Shady Daze—I’ll Make You Pay
The Park Ave. Playground—The Trip
Oscar & The Majestics--I Can't Explain

Who Rotosound strings ad
The Who–Jaguar
Who Coke ad
Rationals Danby's ad
The Rationals--Leavin’ Here
The MC5--One Of The Guys
Stooges concert ad
Iggy & the Stooges—Search and Destroy
Death—Freakin’ Out

*Tim Ray & the Druts--Dying in Brooklyn
*The Deadly Snakes—Graveyard Shake
*The Gruesomes--3 Men 1 Coffin
*Deja Voodoo--Dead Daddy Dead
*Deadcats—The Catusi*
Forbidden Dimension—Martian Death Saucer


TwitchCity said...

great show!
i'm so glad i turned on the radio last night and was able to hear what you guys were playing.

Signed D.C. said...

Thanks a mill, Twitch!

Gorehound1313 said...

New Deadcats disc out Oct/09! Here's a preview;