Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's un-hummable.

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/9/2009: Bad news travels fast.

The Stoneage Hearts—Rock & Roll Girl
Dom Mariani—Too Late
*The Pointed Sticks--True Love
The Hex Dispensers—The Crone (99 Cats)
*The Fuzztones - Face of Time
Fuzztones on Larry King excerpt
The Fuzztones—Bad News Travels Fast
Sam Butera & the Witnesses—She’s a Kookamunger [RIP]

Les Krakmen—Krakmen Twist
Los Hurrances—El Calcetin [Total Troggs "From Home" rip-off.]
Wau Y Los Arrrghs—Dicen
Los Brincos—Hai Torto Tu [They're from Spain but I think they're singing in Italian here.]

Hendrix Radio One jingle
The Vampires—Fire
Purple Haze—Love is Fine
The Bacardis—This Time
*Les Sinners—Nice Try
The Briks--It’s Your Choice
Jefferson Airplane Levis ad
The Caliphs--Today, Tomorrow
*The Guess Who--Flying On the Ground is Wrong
*The Squires (w/ Neil Young)--I’ll Love You Forever
*Neil Young & Crazy Horse--Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [Live at the Fillmore East.]

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