Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Psych of the Psouth Pspecial

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/29/2008: Featuring Lost Souls Vol 1, Arkansas

The Full Time Men--Way Down South
Arkansas concert ad
The Yardleys--The Light Won't Shine
The Blue & The Gray--Don't Send Me No Flowers
The Windbreakers—Down To It
The Marion Deaton Group--Apple Of My Eye
The Xciters--Upsetter
The Lost Souls--Lost Love

Gene Barnett--Hey Come On Now
*Les Sexareenos--Girl Give Me Love
The Coachmen--You're My Girl
*The Canadian Squires--Leave Me Alone
The Lolas--Goin’ All The Way
The Trouble Bros.--Your Love Is Gone
LD Mitchell & The Amalgamated Taxi Cab Service--Planet Of Union

Neil Young ad
*Neil Young--Southern Man
Southern Culture On The Skids—Too Much Pork for Just One Fork
*Barry Boyd & the Frantics—Goin’ Home to Memphis
Box Tops Coke ad
*Les Miserables--Une Lettre
*The Deadly Snakes—West Texas Sound [Idiot that I am, I wasn't wearing headphones and forgot to turn off the LP channel after it was over, so our spiel was somewhat drowned out by more Deadly Snakes.]
*The Haunted--Shake

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