Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/5/2008: The Stooges come to Massey Hall (if they can make it!).

Real Cool Time (alternate mix)
T.V. Eye (takes 7 & 8)
1969 (orig. John Cale mix)
1970 (single mix)
Stooges St. Louis concert ad
Loose (take 22)
Not Right (alternate vocal)

*The Demics--I Got a Right
Nardwuar vs. Iggy Pop excerpt
*The Evaporators—I Gotta Rash
*The Legend Killers--Gun Powder
*The Von Zippers--Mega Volt *Drums Along the Gardiner--Vagabonds
*The Ugly—Lust for Life
*UIC—I’m Alive

[Ooops! For unknown reasons, the last 13 minutes or so got cut off from the recording.]
The Iguanas – Again and Again
The Prime Movers—I’m a Man
The Stooges –Shake Appeal

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Irving said...

please tell me where i can get this recording, I would love for you to post it again, as it is proving to be a rare find. Email me at: Thanks so much!!!