Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sink or Swim, Baby

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/8/2008: Water Sports

The Cosmic Dropouts—Surf’s up

Larry and the Loafers—Let’s Go to the Beach
The Slickee Boys--When I Go To The Beach
*Martha & the Muffins--Echo Beach [By request for our #1 fan, Sofi.]
*The B Girls – Fun At the Beach (live)

"21 Sounds for the Sun Set" ad
*64 Funnycars--Boathouse
The Lolas--Come On Down To The Boathouse
The Untamed Youth--Come On Down To My Boat
Lulu Coke ad
Sodsai Chaengkli--The Boat That I Row
Johnny Winter--Birds Can't Row Boats
Johnny K--Big Boat Up The River
The Yachts—Yachting Types

*Mark Brodie & the Beaver Patrol —Frogs Can’t Surf
*The Treble-Makers—The Squid
The Ramones--Surfin' Bird
The Cramps—Do the Clam
The Chesterfield Kings—The Swim
Sly Stewart—Scat Swim
Surf Detergent ad
*Los Mel-Tones—Surf Before Sunrise

*The Surf-Dusters—The Reef


Sofi said...

Thanks for playing my request!


Daddy L said...

Podcast Link is dead. Can you reactivate?

Signed D.C. said...

Just re-activated it--thanks for the head's up.