Friday, April 25, 2008


Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/26/2008: Low Budget Lo-Fi and Demo Recordings. Here's an MP3 version.

The Kinks--Low Budget

Nobody’s Children--Good Times
The Draggs--I Like To Die
The 5678s--I Don’t Need You No More
The Monarchs--Satellite
*The Infernos--Alley Cat
Great Shakes Ad with Menster Phip and the Phipsters
The Milkshakes--You Did Her Wrong
*The Milky Ways--Mary Blue
The Mummies--Hairy Mary

*King Khan & BBQ—Love You So
*Deja Voodoo--Swamp of Love
* Bloodshot Bill—I’ll Know
* Curse of Horseflesh--Skeleton Hill 90210

The Dictators—Firemans Friend
The New York Dolls--Seven Day Weekend
The Ramones—I Can’t Be
The Flamin’ Groovies—Can’t Explain
The Velvet Underground—Sad Song
Randy Alvey & Green Fuz--Green Fuz
* Satan & the D-Men--She’ll Lie

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