Friday, April 25, 2008

Other April 2008 Playlists

These shows have been lost to the mists of time, but the lists linger on:

April 8, 2008--FUNdraising Show, played in between bouts of begging:

Knickerbockers Lakeland, FL concert ad
The Knickerbockers—Money (That’s What I Want)
The Booby Traps – Movin’ On
*The King Beez—I Gotta Move
The Kinks—Don’t Ever Let Me Go
The Lolas – Don’t Change A Thing
*Shanker and Romps—I’m Your Monkey Man
The A-Bones—Monkey Man
*King Khan & His Shrines — Three Hairs and You're Mine
*The Pointed Sticks—What Do You Want Me to Do
The Damned— Help
The Sparkles--Hipsville 29 BC
? & the Mysterians—I Need Somebody
RevOrganDrum—Time Is Tight

April 14, 2008--Emergency Dementia 13 Fill-in for an ailing Christian

Kin Vassy—That’s the Bag I’m In
Warner Bros. Records "It's the Plastic" ad
*David Clayton-Thomas & the Shays—Barbie-Lee
*The Sinners—Sinnerisme
*Yvon Bonneville – Monsieur Jean
*Don Norman & the Other Four – Low Man
*The Checkerlads – Shake Yourself Down
*The Eyes of Dawn – Time To Be Going
*The Canadian Squires—Leave Me Alone

Ban Deodorant ad with the Repulsives
The Knaves—Leave Me Alone
The Torquays—Stolen Moments
The Swingin’ Machine—Do You Have to Ask
The Starfires—I Never Loved Her
The Blizzards—I’m Your Guy
The Roadrunners—I’ll Make It Up To You

Special dedication to my old Alvernian pals at St. Francis Prep
St. Agnes Teen Review ad
The Barracuda—The Dance at St. Francis
We the People—In the Past
Jeff St. John & the Id—Eastern Dream
William Penn V—Swami
Inside Looking Out—Long Live Sivinanda
*The Stonemen - Faded Colours

April 15, 2008—Another Car Show

Southern Culture On The Skids – Dirt Track Date
NYC Custom Auto Show ad
The Cramps—Sado County Auto Show
Chicago Custom Auto Show ad
The Monarchs—Hot Rods From Hell
*Shanker & Romps – Rockin’ Rockin’ Parking Lot
Ford ad with Joanie Summers and Vic Damone
Gene Vincent—Pink Thunderbird
Ford Mustang western-themed ad
Jumpin' Gene Simmons—Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped-Up Model T Ford
*The Deadcats—Hank’s Cadillac
*Real Gone—Gasoline Radio
Dinah Shore Chevrolet ad
*NRG—Route 66

Vanishing Point ad
Avengers—Car Crash
Buzzcocks—Fast Cars
*Teengenerate--Top Down
*Teenage Head—Driving Wild (My Invader)

Daryl Starbird Auto Show ad
Untamed Youth—Full-Blown 426 Hemi or My Big “T”
Great Lakes Speedaway ad
Boss Martians--Never Trust a Chick in a 3-Window Coupe
Big Star—Back of a Car
Fleshtones—Shiny Hiney
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet—Customized
Tee and Thee Crumpets – I Should Have Known Better [RIP Tee.]

April 22, 2008

Blue Oyster Cult – The Red & the Black [Albert Bouchard is DJ-ing at the Bovine Sex Club this Saturday, April 26.]
Patti Smith Group – Gloria
* Stand GT – Planet Bob
* The Sadies—Why Be So Curious
* The Fringe – Token For My Mind
Bevis Frond – Repressor
*Orange Alabaster Mushroom—Valerie Vanillaroma
*Mississippi Grover—I’m Buried Alive [Appearing at Wang Dang Doodle at the Boat this Saturday, April 26.]

Bram Tchaikovsky – Sara Smiles
* Sherlocks – Stefany
* Smugglers – Hey Stephanie
The Dimensions – Penny
The Boss Martians – I Want To Be Your Addiction
Young Fresh Fellows – Rock and Roll Pest Control
Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers – I Told You Once Before
Zombies "Bunny Lake is Missing" ad
The Zombies –Tell Her No
The Kaisers – Patricia Ann [Just finished reading Pattie Boyd's memoir.]
The Neatbeats—Spoilt Girl

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