Friday, April 25, 2008

Dinah Wants Religion

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/11/2008: A Spiritual Set. Here's an MP3 version.

The Fabs--Dinah Wants Religion
The Electric Prunes--Sanctus
Anti-Rock & Roll Sermon--"The beat, the beat, the beat"
The Len Price 3--Christian In The Desert
The Woggles--Ramadan Romance
The Lipstick Killers--Hindu Gods of Love
Atilla and the Huns—Under the Bodhi Tree
*Les Talmud--Avoir Raison

*The Glads--Do The Go To Hell
*The Gruesomes--Way Down Below
*The Worst--Heretic
*The Sadies--Lucifer Sam
*The Color Me Psycho--Surfin’ in Gomorrah
*The Marc Brodie & the Beaver Patrol--Shores of Hell

Patterson’s People—Shake Hands with the Devil
The Remo Four--Sing Hallelujah
T.C. Atlantic--Judgement Train
The Darwin's Theory--Hosanna
Elder Beck--Rock and Roll Sermon
Brian Auguer—Save Me

Fleshtones--Burning Hell

And here are playlists from 3/4/2008 (no archives available).

Electric Sound Basement Fill-In--Lotsa synth-pop, which is the closest thing we have to the ESB sound:

Saturday’s Children—Wisconsin Electric Co. ad
Bill Nelson—Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric)
Now Sounds Groove-In ad
The Harbinger Complex—Tomorrow’s Soul Sound
The Ramones—I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement
*Neil Young--Mr. Soul (from Trans)
*Sonic Youth--Computer Age
*Neil Young & Devo--Hey Hey My My
Devo—Come Back Jonee
* Aslun Mann--The Craver
* The Grapes of Wrath - I Am Here
* Simply Saucer—Here Come the Cyborgs Pt. 1
A Flock of Seagulls—Telecommunication
Lene Lovich—I Think We’re Alone Now
Gleaming Spires—Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?
B-52s — Legal Tender
The Big Three—What’d I say

Real Cool Time--Tribute to Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five

DC5—Anyway You Want It
Revlon "Swingstakes" ad (Win a trip to London to see the DC5)
DC5—That’s What I Said
The Bristols--Can’t You See That He’s Mine
DC5—Don’t Let Me Down
*The Numbers--Bits and Pieces
*Les Classels—Glad All Over
DC5--Maze of Love
The Woggles--Concentration Baby
Ad: Sex Clark Five—Ketchup if You Can
DC5—Catch Us If You Can
Sex Clark Five—Battle of the Sex Clark Five

* Sultans—[French Zombies cover whose title escapes me]
* Les Hou-Lops—It’s Gonna Be All Right [en francais]
* Les Sextants--No Reply [en francais]
* Jeff Healey – While My Guitar Gently Weeps [He'd just died that week too.]

*Francois et Les Sinners—Yummy Yummy Yummy
Mary Lou Lord w/Semisonic—Sugar Sugar
Tartan Horde—Bay City Rollers We Love You
Nick Lowe—Rollers Show
Crunch—Let’s Do It Again

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