Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy Cryptmas

Real Cool Time, 12/1/2015: Celebrating the better-late-than-never arrival of the Last GPU series. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

*The King-Beez–Now

*The King-Beez--Found & Lost 
*The King-Beez–Gotta Move 
*The King-Beez–Can’t Explain 
Station ID: Tim Warren – Cool and Crazy
*The Ardels--Piece Of Jewelry 
*The Munks--Long Time Waiting
*The Lincolns–We Got Some

The Buttons–I’ve Been Lookin’
The Shade–All Is Gone
The Pastels–Mirage 
The Young Strangers--She’s Gone 
The Krels–Psychedelic Feelin’ 
The Rogues–Opportunity 

The Expressions–One More Night 
The Torques–It’s Me Not You 
The Jolly Beggars – The Last Step of Doom 
Eddie Day and the Night Timers – How To Be A Musician 
Our Gang—Careless Love 
The Edges of Wisdom--That Lonely Road
The Infinitives--Heidi
Sound Carnival--Dreams
*The Painted Ship--Little White Lies        
*The Painted Ship – And She Said Yes   

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