Thursday, January 15, 2015

Double Dose

Real Cool Time plus bonus Dementia 13 fill-in, 1/13/2015. Also stream and download at the RCT and D13 show pages.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions–The Beat [Live at the El Mo 1978.]
Generation X—100 Punks
Billy Idol—Come On Come On [Yep, I just read his book.]
The Sex Pistols--God Save The Queen [demo]
The Keys–I Don’t Wanna Cry 
The Motors—Dancing the Night Away
Bram Tchaikovsky–Sara Smiles
*The Pointed Sticks–I'm Numb
*The Young Canadians–Question Of Temperature

The Cramps–Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
She-Devils speech
*The Evaporators–Maneaters 
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls ad
The Carrie Nations–Find It 
Adrian Lloyd–Lorna 

*The Haunted–Mona 
*The Northwest Company–Hard To Cry   
*The Painted Ship--Little White Lies 
*Luke and the Apostles–Been Burnt 
*Luke and the Apostles–You Make Me High
The Niteriders--With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends

The Poppy Family--Free from the City
Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion--Bales of Pot
The Seeds--Mr. Farmer ["Raw and Alive"]
The Hoa Hoa's--Grew Up on the Seeds

Balduin--Prisma Colora
Hawkwind--Lord of Light
The Youngbloods--Darkness Darkness
Moby Grape--Motorcycle Irene
The Nazz--Magic Me

NRG/Merriday Park--Magic Man
Lexington Avenue--Sound the Alarm
Portland Street South--Set Me Free
Freddie and the Stone Souls--LSD
The Beach Boys--How She Boogalooed It
The Fourmyula--I Know Why

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