Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The way you love me's got to cramp my style

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/11/2012:  Dee-lux R 'n B.


The Cramps—Human Fly 
The Cramps--Can Your Pussy Do the Dog (Live in Auckland N.Z.)
Dwight Pullen—Sunglasses After Dark
Homer Denison Jr.—Chickie Run
Marvin and Johnny—Vip Vop
*Jack Scott—The Way I Walk (live)
*Deja Voodoo–Swamp of Love
*Christopher Dignan–Move Them Bones 
*Suckerpunch—Cool...Like a Lava Lamp

*David Clayton Thomas–Boom Boom 
The Animals–Bright Lights Big City
*Please Feed The Animals–I’m Crying 
Master's Apprentices Ford Cortina ad
The Master's Apprentices–Inside Looking Out 
The Phantom Keys–Poor Boy
*The Ugly Ducklings–Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
*The Fiends–Get Yourself Home 
Phil May Look-alike excerpt from "Whole Scene Going"
The Pretty Things–We’ll Play House
The Pretty Things Yardbird Blues Band–Here’s My Picture
The Yardbirds—Pretty Girl

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