Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get with the Zeros

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/18/2012: Perfect young'uns.


*The Pointed Sticks – Perfect Youth 
*The Young Canadians--Automan
*DOA—I Hate You 
*The Viletones—Outta My Mind
*The Ugly—Do You Wanna See Me
*The Diodes—Blonde Fever

The Dovers – She’s Gone
Los Mockers—Girl You Won’t Succeed
The English Beat—Ranking Full Stop (live at the '83 US Festival)
The Tweeds--I Need That Record
The Flashcubes— My Girl From Germany
The Toms–I Wanna Be a Teen Again
The Zeros–Beat Your Heart Out (alt. version)
The Zeros–Pushin’ Too Hard

*Steppenwolf–Tighten Up Your Wig 
*Blue Oyster Cult–Born To Be Wild
Radio Birdman – Hot Rails To Hell (live in Texas)
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band—Song L (live in Detroit)
SRC--Up All Night

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