Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I was admirin' the silverware

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/2/2012: Spotlite on All Kinds of Highs.



Bohemian Vendetta--All Kinds of Highs 
The Tiffany Shade--A Quiet Revolution
The Grammy Phones—Now He’s Here 
The Jelly Bean Bandits—Neon River 
The Wrongh Black Bag—I Don’t Know Why 
The Art of Lovin’—Good Times
The Orient Express--For a Moment

Blondie—I Know But I Don’t Know (live)
The Nerves–Hanging On The Telephone
New York Dolls—Bad Girl (live in Paris)
The Knaves—Leave Me Alone 

*Neil Young— When You Dance I Can Really Love
*Pow Wows—Seeing Black
*Simply Saucer—Instant Pleasure
*Change of Heart—Picture Perfect 
*Dream Dates—Surfer Joe
*David Clayton Thomas and the Bossmen--Done Somebody Wrong
*The Checkers—Stormin’
The Tangerine Zoo--Another Morning


Anonymous said...

The usual link from the show name and date (Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/2/2012) isn't ...

Signed D.C. said...

Thanks, I'd uploaded it but forgot to add the link here.