Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Radio Birdbrains

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/25/2012: Salute to Chris Masuak, appearing at the Sister this Thursday, 9/27.  Also, RIP Sam Sniderman and Steve Sabol.


Radio Birdman—Didn’t Tell the Man
Radio Birdman—I.94
Hitmen—Bwana Devil 
Hitmen—In Your Eyes
Screaming Tribesmen—Casualty of Love
New Christs – Like a Curse 

Tony Worsley Ready Steady let’s Go 
Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects--I'm Going Back
The Playboys--It’s Awright
The Sunsets--I Want Love
Donnie Sutherland and the Titans--No Cheatin'

*The Purple Toads–Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight   
*The UltimatemostHigh– Killer Wolf
*Simply Saucer—Bullet Proof Nothing
*The Diodes—We’re Ripped
*The Great Scots—Don’t You Believe Them
*The Guess Who—Croyez-Moi
*The Checkerlads--Shake Yourself Down
*The Offbeats--Wild Weekend

NFL Films--The Power and the Glory

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