Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uncle Willie's got corn that's never been shucked

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/2/2011: Mixed one, with some rhyme and reason.

The Jackets–Get Back With You
Paul Messis–(If I Go Away) Would You Still Cry
The Untamed Youth–I Couldn’t Care Less
Les Bof!--Ils Vont Tuer le Rock 'n' Roll
*M2 + AC—Vielle Romance 
Bob Morrison–Hey Puppet Man

The Beatles–Run For Your Life
The 13th Floor Elevators–The Word 
Television–Fire Engine [Live at CBGB, 7/4/76.]
*The Zellots–Empty Victories
The Ramones–Commando [Live at the Palladium, 1/7/78.]
The Ejectors--Napalm Hop Slam Dance

*Les Planetes—Mon Ami Noir
The Toys—Can’t Get Enough of You Baby
*Carole Robert et Les Improvistes—Le Fruit Defendu
Billy Emerson--Aunt Molly
*The Haunted–Shake
*The Sadies—Postcards
*Wes Dakus and the Club 93 Rebels–El Ringo
*Les Jaguars–Solitude

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