Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That Toddlin' Town

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/9/2011: Spotlites on Chicago and the Stooges.  (Anyone with good tips on rock and roll-related sites/stuff to do in Chicago, please leave a comment!)

The Stooges—Loose (alt. take)

The Stooges–Not Right (alt. take)
*The Sinisters--Down On The Street 
*The Purple Toads--All I Want
*The Demics – I Got A Right

Male M1 Shop ad
The Huns--Winning Ticket
Shadows of Knight promo
Shadows of Knight—Oh Yeah [Live at the Cellar.]
Little Boy Blues—You Don’t Love Me
Chicago Loop McLeans Toothpaste ad
The Banshees–Project Blue
The Buckinghams—Beginner’s Love
WCFL Jingle
New Colony Six—Let Me Love You
The Del-Vetts–Last Time Around
The Haymarket Riot—Trip on Out

The Baketones--Got My Mojo Working
*David Clayton Thomas – Boom Boom
The Warner Brothers—Please Mr. Sullivan
*Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild/Magic Carpet Ride [Sullivan Show medley.]
*The Haunted--Twist
*The Ugly Ducklings—Windy City

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