Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don't wanna stay surprised like everybody else

Real Cool Time Podcast 5/10/2011:  Featuring the Kinks, Kiddie garage, and Kanadian Kuts.

Walker Brothers—Another Tear Falls [RIP John Maus Walker.]

The Kinks--I Took My Baby Home
The Kinks--Dedicated Follower of Fashion (alt. version)
The Kinks--Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (demo)
The Kinks--I'm Not Like Everybody Else (alt. vocal)
The Kinks--I Don’t Need You Anymore
Pete Quaife BBC interlude
The Kinks--'Til the End of the Day (BBC)

Pandora and the Males–Kiddie A-Go-Go 
Billy and The Kids--Say You Love Me
US Kids--Check Out 
The Young Monkey Men–I Believed You 
The Cosmic-Tones–Gonna Build Me a Woman
*Les Sexareenos–Girl Give Me Love

*The Tranzmitors–Who’s Gonna Tell Mary?
*The Milky Ways–Mary Blue
*William Tell and The Marksmen--Mary Jane
*The White Wires–Did You Forget My Name?
*The Laundronauts–Whirlpool [Happy Birthday Gareth.]
*The Gruesomes–Whirlpool 
*David Clayton Thomas and the Shays—Howlin’
*David Clayton Thomas and the Bossmen--Boss Man

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